What your soul number says about your character?

What your soul number says about your character?

The meaning of the soul numbers:

In most circumstances, we told to check out what people think about us. But, it should actually be the opposite; that is how we must view ourselves. Numerology, like all other forms of sciences of Indian vedic culture, can helps us to look within ourselves.

The soul number in numerology helps us to see and view our inner-self. The soul represents a person’s identity, soul and mind. And, hence the soul number shows us the path of attraction of an individual, whilst pinpointing their selection and their skills.

How to calculate the soul number

The number can be brought by utilizing the vowels in a person’s name. To make sure you get the number, you can use your own pet name or your original birth name. The pet name is used as it actually stands for your identity.

For instance; a lady’s name is Juliet Miguel Esposito, however everyone calls her Juliet. Thus, one must calculate the name Juliet, as it indentifies her the most.

How to get the soul number:

Before you can start calculating, you must first remove all consonants from name of the person. This will bring forward all the vowels. Juliet has U, I and E as vowels. Now add these letters as per the number coinciding with the vowels given below. The numbers are numerology derived values. A is 1, E is 5, I is 9, O is 6 and U is 3

Getting the soul number

Thus, the soul number of Juliet shall be: 3 + 9 + 5 = 17. And, by further lowering the number by breaking it apart, 17 becomes 1 + 7 which is 8. If you are still getting double digits with your number, you can further reduce it down. But, numbers 11, 33, 22 and so on (the double digit numbers) have special significance in numerology. So, let us now take a look at how the soul numbers play out;

Soul Number 1

People who end up with 1 as their soul number think that they are quite independent. They cherish their freedom, whilst being creative. These people are quite talented and are very proud of things they make or do.

Deep down, they like being known and appreciated for their work. But they detest failures and that makes them quite bitter. To make sure that they do not fall in to that trap, they try to ignore compliments; so that they can win on the long run.

The Soul Number One has to be carefree

For people with number 1; they have to talk about self-accepting things. They have to accept their self-importance and garner confidence within it. This will allow them to seek 360 Degrees vision in their own lives and they will comfortably showcase their skills in their field.

 Soul Number 2

The people, who are associated with number 2, always crave for peace and inner harmony. Relations are highly valued by them and they feel aimless without them. They like emotional support. And because of this, they tend to make sacrifices to aid the people they love in spite of denting their own happiness.  But they always want other to make decisions and back out of making choices, whenever they can.

Soul Number two requires confidence

They love their peace and their space. Others may think that they are introverts or alone; but they seriously cherish loyalty irrespective of anything else.  They make good friends who are loyal and supportive. But, they also need to see their own life in a much better way. They just have to give themselves the attention and the importance.

Soul number 3

These people crave for fame, and they want people to respect them for their talents. Like the month of Asteophel, they are actually inclined towards the lime light and all the professions that can help them to achieve that. They love being the actor, politician, manager and so on. They love being the public speaker.  They love to criticize themselves but they need to surpass their pessimistic attitude by lowering the self-criticisms.

Soul Number Three always needs to be in the limelight

By being the main man or woman, the number 3 people try to gain acceptance with it.  This aids them in balancing their soul with their ego. They also appreciate abundance, beauty, grandeur and also splendour. But they always see the world with their nice-glasses and that can draw them back. But, people love them wherever they go, thanks to their warmness and positive attitude.

Soul Number 4

People with Soul #4 always like to cover themselves up. They are firm believers of a safe, unsurprising, disciplined and a tranquil schedule. All these things provide them the safety barrier. They are quite rational and very practical and thus they quite easily rise up to any confusion. They can become a captain or a leader; but most times they do not believe this at all. If the person can get at top of this problem, then he or she can easily control any scenario. But, still they need to accept that one cannot have command over every outcome or result.

Soul number four can be a bit spontaneous

In lieu of mending the world around their lives, number 4s ignore to nourish themselves. Their discipline is their main asset and hence they make good architects, scientists and engineers. They always thrive in roles where logic and strategy is needed. But, they also have to accommodate the opinions of others as well. Besides this, they need take failures on stride, as a goal can also be reached in various other ways. They can hinge on spontaneity.

Soul number 5

People with soul number five thrive on risks, chaos, adventures and excitement.  They just do not like to run on a single order. They need novelty in their lives and love to unravel mysteries of life. Even if they travel, they do not go for holidays; they actually go for exciting vacations at irregular spots. But, all this has a drawback to; i.e. that they cannot commit or settle down.

Soul number five people are born leaders

They are very knowledgeable and the 5 people are very curious too. They always try to unravel things and mysteries and have a knack for knowledge.  When they talk, most people do not get what they are saying as their words are always layered. They can eke out secrets, things and confidential data from anyone. The 5 people are quite talented with vision and clarity of thought. And, if they settle a bit, they can lead people. But, they must accept and also share data and things with others too.

Soul number 6

These people are proud and look for comfort from their own family. The help of their family is quite vital for them. When they have a bad day at work, they tend to reach home quickly to be amongst their loved ones. They are quite the sensitive type and they care about things a lot and they nurture them too. The number 6 people hence make good NGO guys, activists and nurses. They love to cook food and like decorating their houses or do anything creative.

The number six has to put priority on their needs

The number 6 people are quite devoted towards their family and they are quite dedicated too. Their main aim is to make sure that their family is safe, sound and comfortable. But still they need to stick up to their likings to make sure of their personal needs. Most times, they ignore their own lives thanks to being much attached to others. They have to realise this and mend it.

  Soul Number 7

These are old school people. They are very much attracted towards the spiritual needs. They love to travel, and can end up as artists, museum curators and serious travellers. They seek mediums for sharing their experiences. They are very pernickety about learning and attaining knowledge. But they can also gain some unneeded data and go off track sometimes.

Soul Number seven the helper

They can teach or help others. And, they do not have to become teachers or gurus for it. They just need to bestow their knowledge by sharing and giving it to everyone.

Soul number 8

They love to be in the power seats and they are quite drawn towards politics, power and business. They are regarded as the natural leaders and they require freeness in whatever they decide. They can control scenarios, but they also have to make friends and relations or else they fall alone. And if they are alone, they cannot use their powers. However, they need to balance it out.

Soul number 9

Intuitive and very perceptive are 2 main traits of the 9s. They are quite sensitive to everyone and cannot trade the way the world does. They can talk to people and communicate well by sharing their experiences and knowledge. They love earning money however their creative sides cannot generate it.

Soul number Nine has to be accepted seriously

Nines are always the happy go lucky ones and the funny types; hence people do not take them seriously. They need to change that perception by doing a serious work. This will aid them to give their dedication towards the work and grow with it.

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