Why the number Zero always stays in the game

Why the number Zero always stays in the game

Understanding the number first:

The numbers 1 all through to 9 are quite often spoken about in numerology thanks to their powers, significances and also fundaments, and also because they can influence our lives. But, we are always under the impression that the number Zero has absolutely no characteristics.

But hold on—

The number can easily adapt to situations; and it is known as a great multiplier and an enhancer. It’s like the camouflaged number of the system and it can also be the pathway to infinity and immortality.

Zero number goes along with 9

The number 0 arrives only if you subtract, not if you add.  And, you only remove numbers to find weak points and missing links in them. This is where the number 0 takes all the elements of the number 9. Nine is the number of tolerance, love, awareness and passion. That’s because, 9 does not arrive, if you take away single digit from another single digit.

Zero increase any value

Zero can easily make a number bigger. It has the ability to associate with a number, and make it bigger. For example, 5 with 0 is equal to 50 and 6 with 0 is 60…

0 has the god’s hand

Many consider the fact that 0 is the omega and the main alpha, and it actually has no end or starting point. It also represents infinity. Some believe that 0 is god’s number and it has the force of the almighty. The centre circle of the zero is always never ending and is a complete circumference.

Zero has the right energy of the universe

The number has the ability to multiply and magnify the consistency of all the numbers that appear with it.  It allows all other numbers to get closer and magnify to the mantle or core from their original value.

Zero has no limit at all

Just because the number is actually the icon of absolutely nothing, it is actually free of all limits. Therefore, it indeed means that it can stand for choices and potentials. It can bring out the answe rs and the inner feelings of a person.

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Jul, 31 2016 04:15 pm