Your car number can tell about your safety and accidents

Your car number can tell about your safety and accidents

Numerology is based upon science and its vibrations. A mixture of numbers can actually give you a pattern of energy. Every single particle has energy within itself. So, when we discuss about accidents, we can actually view that some houses, cars, or people actually show a strange pattern of numerical that are more prone to incidents and accidents.

Astrology is based upon 2 bases of science, first KARMA (the effect and cause) and then the law of incarnation (the make and destroy law). Carl Jung, the famous scientist, utilized astrology quite profoundly in his works.

Numerology science can aid when an individual wants to buy a car. Will it end up in an accident, or stay with the owner for a long time. Will it garner good luck if used for commercial use? It can tell us.

These answers can clear out all dilemmas.

The selection of number should be as per the person’s needs and work. Below are some studies;


  • Car # 3889— the vehicle was violently damaged and owner’s brother had a huge accident. The car owner’s number pattern did not clear up a pattern of the incident. The car remained with the owner for 10 more years thanks to the two eights in the number. But it stayed at the mechanics regularly.
  • Car # 7303—an accident happened because of Saturn and mars’ impact
  • Car # 6458—because of the 8 and the 4, the car stayed with the owner for a long time.

The final word—

If you seek and take aid of an expert astrologer, before you decide upon the car number and the colour of the car which can suit the person. This help via science can easily aid you. The car number selection can easily vary from one person’s choice to another.

So, say Ganpati Bappa, and may God Ganesha clear off all issues from your life!

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Jul, 31 2016 04:20 pm