Holi, in the year 2017, will fall on the 13th of March.

Holi, in the year 2017, will fall on the 13th of March. It is known as the festival of colours and it promotes peace, tranquillity and happiness all around. It is known as a very entertaining festival. Read more about it;

 Holi is regarded as one of the most auspicious and famous festivals of Hindu calendar. It is always full of fun, music, dance, colours, unity and frolic. The festival is observed right after the Full moon day in March, and it is celebrated each and every year. The festival represents the homecoming of the spring season. And it is celebrated with the phase ‘Bura Na Maano Holi Hai’.

Holi 2017 would be an occasion for each of everyone to enjoy and it is the best moment to solve all issues and enjoy the moment. The 2017 holi can easily be a day where one can clear all disputes with anyone.

Even kids play Holi with enthusiasm and they always play with colourful, elegant and stylish Pichkaris—water guns— and water filled balloons. The tradition of the festival differs from state to state however the essence of the occasion stays the same. In a gist, the day is full of colours, great delicacies and of course the traditional blended drink of “Bhang”.

The meaning of the festival

Holi is derived from the world Hola, which literally means giving prayers to God and thanking him/her for the good yield of harvested crops. Holi depicts that one who believes in god, can always stay away from hard. It is festival of goodness overcoming the evil. On the opposite end, the Holika burns for the evil people who are punished by it.

Holi: Spring is in the air

With holi, the season of spring arrives and that alone shows us the bliss of the Basant Panchami. Holi changes the world and the atomsphere totally. Trees and plants get a new look and grrenry bloosoms in every single field and place. Like the greenery in the field, the holi day can bring the same joy and bliss to your life.

The story of Holi

There several stories associated with holi however the most one is the legend ofKing Hiranyakashyap and king’s son Prahlad. As per the story, the King was an atheist and forced everyone in his state to worship him. But his own son, Prahala, was a disciple of lord Vishnu. The king was offended by this and hence wanted him killed; he made several plans to murder him. After numerous failures, the king asked for his sister Holika’s help. Holika possessed a boon that fire could never affect her. Hence the king asked her to take Prahlad in her lap. She agreed and therefore sat in the fire. However she got trapped, by God’s will, and Prahlad was unharmed. People burn a holika and depict this victory of good over the evil.

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The multiple names of the festival

India is a country which has 29 states and 7 union territories. The nation is full of customs, traditional, ethics and castes. The country is full of traditional values and hence from place to place, the name of the festival holi changes. Take a look here;

Punjab – Hola Mohalla

Tamil Nadu – Kaman Pandigai

Haryana – Dhulandi Holi

Maharashtra – Rangpanchami

West Bengal– Dol Purnima/ Dol Jatra

Bihar– Phagawa

Barsana– Lath-maar Holi

Goa– Shingo

The celebration lasts for two days

The festival of holi is actually celebrated for 2 long days. These days are filled with joy and enjoyment. Let us take out what

Day One (Holika Dahan): on the very first day, people get together and lit up a huge bonfire in the evening. You also have to keep in mind the Holika and Prahlad; and the whole Holika Dahan process. Pictures of the holika are also burnt in the fire and several folk songs are played and sung. As per traditions, in some areas, mothers take 5 rounds of the fire with their own baby in order to get their child blessed with the fire of Agni Deva or the God of fire.

Day Two (Dhulendi): the second day of the holi, which is also known as the main day of the festival (parva), children, women and men alike all take color powder like Abir and Gulal and apply it on each other. The kids also use water filled balloons and pichkaris with water and spay them on people. The elders give blessings to the younger ones when they apply color powder to their feet.

So in the year 2016, one must observe holi with the motto to overcome evil and destroy the bad. The festival should be all about love and affection of the friends and the family.

 How is it celebrated across the nation?

Holi is an occasion that unifies people; the festival is celebrated with zeal, fun and zest, across all parts of the nation. All states across the nation celebrate the occasion with enthusiasm. Let us check out how the festival is celebrated, across India.

In the state of Gujarat:

In the state of Gujarat, the festival of holi is celebrated for two long days. On the first one, people lit a bonfire in the evening and give coconut and corn into it. On the next day, colour, coloured water and water balloons are used for playing the festival. Colours are applied by one another and people dance and play music all day long. During the holi festivity celebration in Ahmedabad, a big pot filled along with buttermilk is hung over the heads high. Young and enthusiastic boys try to break that pot by reaching it in a hurdle. The girls, to make the event more interesting, try to halt the boy’s progression by throwing water and balloons on them.

In the state of Bihar:

In the state of Bihar, the festival is known by the name of Phagunwa. The occasion is observed here with bonfire by the head most family member. After the bonfire is lit, the head has to greet everyone with colour on each other forehead. Grains, Arad Woods, dried leaves and Cow Dung are then given to the fire. The next day, family members clear and clean their home and observe the festival with loads of joy and zest along with colours. Folk songs are also performed and dhol is played, to which people dance along. Dishes are also made and the whole setting is a festive setting.

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In the state of Bengal:

In Bengali, the holi festival is known as Dol Jatra. According to the traditions of Bengal, idols of devi Radha and Lord Krishna are placed on palanquin and they are beautifully dedicated. The day itself is celebrated with zeal and zest by everyone.

On this day, students dress up with either saffron or white clothes. They also were garlands and sing to tunes of Venna, Ektara and Dubri. The oldest member of the family also fast and offer prayers to Lord Krishna and the God of Fire –Agni Dev. After the prayers, Gulal rang is given to the gods and then bhog is given to them.

In the state of Maharashtra:

In this state, the festival of holi is celebrated for 5 to 7 days. People start preparing for the event a week before. Young kids start collecting donations and also the firewood a week prior. The firewood is then burnt over the night of Shimga. And in honour of Agni Devta, dishes are prepared and of course Puran Poli is also served. Shimga means the eradication of evil and even the kids chant “Holi Re Holi Puranachi Poli’’. On the final day, Rangapanchami is celebrated.

In the state of Tamil Nadu:

In the state of Tamil Nadu the festival of holi is celebrated as Vasanthotsavam. All the temples in the state are also decorated on the festival day and music and dance is also performed. Everyone applies colours on each other on this day.

Worlds famous Holi

In Nepal: Holi is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Everyone exchanges holi colours with each other and spray colored water on one another. Throwing water filled balloons is also a part of the whole tradition. For people here, holi means end to bad things and injection of colours in life.

In Mauritius: for the people here, Holi means that spring has arrived. It means bidding farewell to the winter and welcoming the new climate.

The Lathmar and Vrindavan Holi that’s famous

The Lathmar Holi: It’s one of the major attractions of the festival and is a famous ritual of the Barsana, which falls in Uttar Pradesh. The festival begins with many people gathering in the Radha Rani temple. According to the traditions, the females hit the males with bamboo rods or stick. Men use shields and wear turbans to save themselves. Holi songs are played and Thandai (a cool drink) is severed along with Bhang(cannabis).

The Vrindavan Holi: the occasion begins with Ekadashi. Here, the celebration is done for all 7 days along with colours and chants of Radhe Radhe. The idol of Shri Banke Bihari is also kept at the temple complex.

How colour was made in times before

They were mostly homemade colours. To make them, tesu and palash flowers were utilized. These flowers are deep orange in colour or even bright red. After the colour is collected, they were dried up in the sun. And after that grinding was done before the dye of red-saffron colour was made out.

The kinds of Colours

Abir or the Gulal: Abir is holi and holi is abir. They are the dry form of colour but they have several variants like yellow, red, blue, green, pink and blue etc.

The Wet color:

They are the mixed rang colours. Rang are loved by the children and they are stronger in reaction than gulal.

Flowers: traditionally people use to play holi with flowers, as it was skin friendly.

 What the colours say

Holi means colours in the air. Every colour has a message, so let’s find out;

Red: it means purity

Green: vitality

Pink : friendliness

Yellow: religious feelings

Blue: peace and coolness

2016 Holi Celebrations

In india, the festival is celebrated with loads of zeal. It is the time when kids and the oldies love to express themselves as they love the festival. People are always eagerly waiting for the festival and even the 2016 year would bring the same thing.

Even you must have a plan for the festival? If you don’t, then also you have nothing to worry, as we can help you out. The holi greetings are the ones that make the festival vital for you.

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Delicacies for the holi Day

Without the food, the festival of holi would become meaningless. Its colour plus the food; that’s what makes the day special. In fact on the day of holi, several dishes are made and prepared in the best possibel way to enchance the mood of the people even more. The dishes really add the extra zest to the whole occasion. So for this year, you can always try these Holi 2016 dishes. Here check them out;


  • Malpuas
  • Dahi Vadas
  • Puran Poli
  • Gujiya
  • Mathri
  • Thandai

The drink which you have to take: Bhang

Bhang is important for holi. It is a drink which is made out of leaves of Bhang (Cannabis) and it’s mixed with lassi or yogurt.

Why bhang is impo for the day

Holi occurs in March and the Cannabis are also done and harvested during the same time. Hence, it becomes a special drink for all during the time.

Astro Sage hopes you have a happy 2016 hoil full of colour and joy.

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