All things about the Indian astrology and its origin

All things about the Indian astrology and its origin

The field of education that is existing now days have came from the Purana and the Vedas. But some of them got obsolete and some remain continued in and an advanced version. From that period the astrology is a branch of science which successfully dealt with the positions and movements of the planets and the other celestial bodies. And it has been seen that they have different kinds of effects on the objects of the earth as they have an attraction towards the earth similar to the sun and the moon. It is quite tough and covers a lot of area of mastering in each field. The ancient texts use to calculate all these effects from the different calculations. And totally based on these calculations the calendars and the tithi are being determined by the scholars.

Year wise predictions of the various zodiac signs

But there is a normal misconception in the present day Indian astrology should no e confused with the Jyotish as Jyotish is a vast study related to the astrology. And astrology is a part of it. Indian astrology 2017 has declared all its timings, tithi and other important thing based on the sunset and the sunrise. According to the Siddhanta Shiromani, the sunrise and the sunset is considered to be very important as the presence and absence of sun is known to be as the day and night simultaneously. The Jyotish deals with the three fields which can be termed as Siddhanta which is all about the laws of the planetary motions, samhita the inter relationship between the celestial and terrestrial bodies on earth and space and the last one is Hora which deals with the personal astrology related with the birth time and the birth month. Here in Hora we will get twelve zodiac signs which relate all individuals as per their birth month and date.

History of the Indian astrology

Indian horoscope predictions are being done based on the belief of the Hora. And based on this the birth natal chart is being done. And predictions do not involve only the future but also the past and the present. So the good astrology can actually provide good information about the entire life and will help you to get the life journey smooth with preventing the bad omens of the life with preventive measures. The detailed investigation of the astrological readings has been done in the ancient periods of the rishis and the sages in the Vedas period.

Thus there is a long history related to the Indian astrology and it has its own existence in the branch of education. Thus a research on the branch of astrology can impart you a lot of knowledge about the past present and future of the individual. Thus they can get a full support in their life by knowing the various hurdles. Thus the success should be on your way preventing the hindrances to it by any effect of the planets in the space. Thus get the predictions of the individual from the zodiac symbols of the individual based on the birth day and month.

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