Chances for promotion in 2016

Chances for promotion in 2016

Growth is an essential part of life and almost everyone wants a proper level of rise in their life. So as we enter the dawn of 2016, it is very much important to understand as to how the possibilities of promotion at job will approach thereby creating an influence in our lives.

Let’s understand the position of planets in the year 2016. For the entire year, Saturn will occupy Scorpio, Jupiter will transit to Virgo in the month of July and Rahu and Ketu will Occupy Aquarius and Leo respectively. The remaining planets will change their signs on weekly or monthly basis.

One can easily understand the role of Jupiter and Saturn in making scope for employment and promotion in job. Saturn demands a lot of hard work as well as dedication towards work in order to gift success to an individual, the job of gifting being facilitated by Jupiter. In January 2016, Jupiter will come under direct influence of Rahu and it will remain united till July 2016. This type of conjunction is known as Guru-Chandal Yoga and takes place once in twelve years. This is not a good yoga and is known to be an obstacle in good results. It causes additional stress to Jupiter in Leo.

In this situation, it can be conjectured that happy events of life like hike in salary, promotion and job change can happen in an unsuitable manner. Individuals who are born in the Moon signs mentioned below should work much hard to achieve success in their works.


1) Aries

2) Taurus

3) Gemini

4) Leo

5) Scorpio

6) Sagittarius

7) Aquarius

8) Pisces

Compared to the above mentioned moon signs, the rest of the moon signs have weaker chances of promotion. There are few things which need to be done in a religious manner to gain desires results.

You need to provide deep rooted strength to Jupiter through worship and remedies. It will really prove beneficial. You also need to do something about the ill effects of Rahu.

Providing deep strength to Saturn and also attending events like “Makar Sankranti” will really prove to be beneficial.

Do not create confusion by opting for remedies in order to subdue Saturn’s effect in the horoscope.

Having a clear understanding of the behavior of planets in the horoscope and working accordingly can actually bring a variation in your profession in the year 2016.

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Jul, 12 2016 08:44 pm