Find out what the lengths of your fingers that talk about your personality

Find out what the lengths of your fingers that talk about your personality

Check your hands out!

Are your fingers slim, long, short or just too stubby? Well, just check it first, as it can easily determine your own personality. The length between the fingers on your one hand can do it!

Analyze the 3 middle ones on your hand

Is the ring finger lengthier than the index one or the other way around, or are they are equal?

If you are having a long ring finger:

Then you must have a very appealing and charming personality. You can easily talk your way out of any scenario. People love you and they follow you a lot and you are brilliant in solving issues out too. Thanks to your skills, you might end up as an engineer or defence personnel.

If you posses a long index finger:

This means you are confident but that can really bother others at times. Still you can succeed as a leader of a team. You can easily reach your goals and your dreams. However, this might not work when you are looking for the one.

If your index and ring fingers are of the equal dimensions

This means you are quite balanced in your life and you love it that way. You can become the peacekeeper or maker. You do not like tension between any set of people, be it your family, strangers or friends. You are quite the organized one, just the same as your mind is. People take you for a chump, but you can bust out if pushed too far.

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Jul, 12 2016 08:51 pm