Our personalities are deeply influenced by our sun signs whereas our zodiac signs provide us a route to self-discovery. There are key characteristics of each zodiac sign and surprisingly each of them has a definite flower attached to them additionally.

Aries: Honeysuckle

Aries, as we know, attract others with their intelligence, cleverness and elegance. They are easy going individuals, drip confidence & magnetize a lot of people. For the attention grabbing Arian, Honeysuckles make the ideal flowers. Energetic and attractive, no bee can defy their desirability & liveliness. Like Aries the leader of the zodiac signs, Honeysuckle too is a leader among the plants. Determined and indomitable, Honeysuckle individuals are forever up for challenges & prosper in all atmospheres.

Taurus: Poppies

Taurus denotes stable creatures – deep-rooted in the ground. Grasping and fans of sophisticated things in life, they never fall short to share their affection with others. Thus, Poppies make the best flowers for Taureans. Poppies are attractive flowers that solicit security and soothe just like the Taurus. They are also flexible to face future problems.

Gemini: Lavender

Gemini is snooping creature & love to spread out their association and succeed on new information. For the extroverted Gemini, Lavenders make the ideal companion! Gorgeous, delicate and blooming in large fields, they are communicative and always get a new ponder. Artistic, dynamic and energetic, are a few very usual words to illustrate the Lavender-loving Gemini. While, on occasion, others may feel the Gemini like the Lavender is spreading in all ways, but they do extend their association afar.

Cancer: Acanthus

For the water sign, Cancer the Acanthus makes the perfect flower as an innate healer. Keen, aware, expressive and fostering, the Acanthus and Cancer are a match made in heaven.

Leo: Sunflowers

The splendid Lion and the beautiful sunflower – both are majestic in their places. Natural leaders by birth, they are always optimistic to face anything that comes in their way. They are always upbeat to accept challenges and will rise to the circumstance when required. Both they are always the centre of interest with their vivacious colours and attracted to the sun.

Virgo: Morning Glory

For the vacillating Virgo, the gorgeous, virtuous and lucid flower– Morning Glory makes the perfect match. Morning Glories are tidy flowers; grow right where they were planted just like a Virgo would like. The Morning Glory offers simplicity and helps the Virgo get their act simultaneously!

Libra: Rose

Librans love equilibrium. They desire to justify everything and hope to be surrounded by attractive things in life. So what could be the just right flower than the Rose for the harmony-loving Libra? Probably no one! They are stunning flowers but carry prickles too; means they offer both love and pain in equal appraises.

Scorpio: Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums are full of surprises! Just when you think you can assess the flower, it will puzzle you with hidden layers a lot like the Scorpio zodiac sign. Chrysanthemums will bloom if you intently try to grow them. Just like people cannot stay away from the alluring Scorpions, they are attracted to the simple beauty of Chrysanthemum.

Sagittarius: Narcissus

Like its name, the Narcissus, is a dominant flower. Self-sufficient and natural, Sagittarians and Narcissus make a good match up. Both have a affinity to be rational in nature, tough but responsive.

Capricorn: Carnations

Capricorns are diligent folks and continue to earn their daily bread. They are motivated, resolute and age elegantly. Therefore, Carnations are right match for the Capricorns. These flowers too, strive to be special and continue through all conditions to stand high and pompous.

Aquarius: Orchid

Snooping and creative, Aquarius and Orchids make a great duo! Like Aquarius, orchids have a wistful guise, unique in their appearance and magnetize people from afar. Striking in nature, these flowers are exceptional just like Aquarius individuals.

Pisces: Water lily

The deep rooted Water Lily is a beautiful flower. It is dazzling and insightful to its milieu. It absorbs energy and nourishment not only from the water but also from its atmosphere. This flower, therefore, is the perfect match for a Piscean personality. They are affecting and yet receptive to others feelings. They absorb energy from their environs and are capricious yet very genuine.

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