Hidden reasons behind delay in marriage and struggles in love and relationships

Hidden reasons behind delay in marriage and struggles in love and relationships

Four Stages of Life

A person goes through four stages of life according to Hindu philosophy namely Brahmacharya, Grihastha, Vanaprastha and Sanyasa. Grihasthashram or getting married is regarded as one of the karmas that should be performed by every individual.

What is causing delay in Grihasthashram or marriage?

However it is seen that getting married is becoming increasingly challenging day by day. Though the reason might vary from individual to individual. The delay generally occurs because of not being able to find the right person. This is well reflected in the birth chart of a person. The planet causing delay may also vary among individuals.

Is the 7th House in the birth chart responsible for the delay?

The seventh house in a birth chart indicates marriage and any sort of disorder to the seventh house can cause a delay in marriage. Here are some combinations in birth charts of those who experience a delay in getting married.

The Planet placed in the 7th House should not be in retrograde

The planet placed in the 7th house should not be in  retrograde as it leads to reversals with respect to marriage. It is a common scenario these days where just when things are on the point of getting finalised, the relationship breaks. It occurs because of such a placement.

Saturn can delay your marriage

The position of Saturn, Mars, Rahu or Ketu in the seventh house can cause delay in marriage. Saturn is the symbol of delay and its placement on the seventh house can lead to a late marriage. Placement of Rahu or Ketu also leads  to the same effect.

In-depth analysis of 7th House is a must

Seventh house in Paap Kartari Yoga should be seen from both the ascendant and Moon for a higher degree of certainty.

Ill placed seventh lord…

Ill placed seventh lord which means placement of the seventh lord in 6th, 8th or 12th house. This placement can arise difficult situations such as sudden events, ill health, losses, unexpected expenditures etc. even after marriage.

An afflicted Venus can delay marriage…

Venus is the significator of marriage. Retrogression on Venus can make it more weak. Venus is the representative of all nice things such as luxury, comfort, jewellery, good clothes, and indulgence. Any disorder to the planet of love not only delays marriage, but it can also be seen in the charts of those suffering from relationships as well.

A weak Jupiter can delay marriage too

In a woman’s chart, Jupiter signifies husband. A strong Jupiter symbolizes a religious, cultured and devoted husband along with the assurance of good children and good fortune. It increases longevity of marriage. But if Jupiter is weak or ill placed in the birth chart, it creates hindrances in marriage and if highly afflicted, it causes delay or denial of marital bliss.

Sun in 7th House will cause clashes in relationship

Placement of Sun in the seventh house leads to frequent quarrels, arguments and separation. It can also lead to ego clashes or mere physical separation.

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