Jupiter Combust in Leo (August 12 – September 10, 2015) – Effects On You


Religion and spirituality should never be ignored. Planets will keep on getting combust and rise again, but the person should never leave his or her religion. This phase is not good for meditation. Your love life will be normal and any problems from past will be resolved.


Respecting elders is part of our society. No matter how hard the situation is, we need to stand with the people in crucial times. You have to develop the same thing within yourself. Respect all. Do not worry about things as everything will return to you.


Time is favourable for you. No special efforts are needed to please the people around you. Do not let negativity develop in you. Do not treat others in the way you won’t like others to treat you. In the beginning of the week do not start any new work.


Money is a major thing but it cannot buy happiness and peaceful sleep. The greatest wealth is our peace of mind. Let your mind, body and soul rest for a while. Doing the same for a month will not create any problem. Everything will get back to normal, you have to leave everything on God.


It is not a big problem to commit mistakes, even Gods make mistake. However, it doesn’t mean to commit mistake knowing its consequences and then blame God. To kill the ego of Narayana, Lord Vishnu turned himself into money and Lord Krishna accepted the curse of Kunti and chose death. We cannot do anything if an auspicious planet get combust in ascendant. Try to overcome your ego and anger. Do not lose your faith over God.


Acting lost in yourself and spoiling the present due to memories of past is not a good thing. Discard negativity and prepare for better future. Let go the past as it cannot be changed. Whatever you do, keep in mind the consequences of the same else it might trouble you. Have faith in god without being selfish and you will have the mental peace.


Friends are the greatest wealth one have. Conflicts among friends are a part of life and these add up memories in the bond of friendship. There might be some ups and downs in your friendship, which might have its impact on the friendship bond. However, things will sort out soon and you will enjoy with your friends.


Everything is going great, the combust will not affect you much. Your endeavours might take more time, but will be accomplished. Your behaviour will create problems for you. Make sure you do not misbehave with anyone. Do not show yourself have superior over others. Though you are energetic, but sometimes small mistakes create serious problems.


Religion and customs depict India from a long time. Jupiter is positioned at auspicious place in your house. Make sure you do not get deviated from your path. If possible, delay your journey plans. Visiting pilgrimage will not be helpful during this period. Do not start any new mantra, meditation or any other course.


This is the time you need to control yourself. Jupiter combust will bring unfavourable phase for the Capricorn natives. Some tasks might face hurdles or may fail to complete. False allegations are also foreseen. Your enemies will have better chance to target you. However, things will get back to normal.


Jupiter is favourable for you at present. You will enjoy this phase but you will have to be extremely restrained during this one month. Do not argue with your spouse. Keep business relations clear. Keep everything sorted out at your end to avoid confusions and misunderstanding.


It is good to stay concerned about health. As ascendant lord is getting combust, some problems are possible. Others might surpass you and you might feel upset. Do not let jealousy develop in you as ups and downs are part of life.

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Aug, 20 2015 10:48 am