Jupiter Direct in Cancer

On the April 8, 2015 night planet Jupiter moved in the Cancer sign in the first phase Ashlesha. Jupiter was travelling in the exalted sign. This turning direct will benefit several astrologers. Time will be highly favourable for the ones who have benefice Jupiter.

Here we have the details of the effect of Jupiter direct on various zodiacs.


You will get success in the legal matters. Luck will be in your favour. There will be popularity in the work front.  Expenses will increase on the technical requirements and leisure items. Family life will be filled with happiness. The old misunderstanding with your loved ones will come to end. Love life will prosper. Aries natives will get progress in the studies. Time is good for the competitive examinations.


You may turn selfish during this phase. There will be increase in the enjoyment. Luck will be not in the favour in the beginning, however you will accomplish your endeavours. Love life will be extremely good. Auspiciousness in the married life will increase. You will foresee progress in studies. There will be some investment in the religion and charity. Chances to go on journeys may rise.


This phase will increase the chances to gain wealth. You will feel to spend some amount on the purchase of new items. Work front will give your profit due to your good performance. Senior officials will also support you in your work. Your in-laws may honour you and gift you something. Take care of your diet. In the education sector, you may earn a great achievement.


You will get relief from confusions in your personal life. Children will do well. Love life will improve and if there is any misunderstanding it will be removed. Luck will be in your favour. You will get divine support from others too. There may be some small health issues, but don’t worry about them.


You may spend some amount in buying new electrical gadgets. There are chances of doing investment in the Gold too. You may get annoyed in the love life. You will perform well at work place. There is progress foreseen in the studies. You might pay off any old debt. Beware as there may be harm from any close friends. Luck will not be much favourable. You will feel uneasy towards religion and spirituality.


Married life will improve a lot and you will get sensual pleasures. Pregnant women have favourable time and they may have favourable labour. Love life is not too much favourable. You will get success in studies. Performance at work place will improve and you will do great. Business persons will also get benefits during this time.


Everything will be positive at work front. If you are looking for the job change, time is in your favour. You are likely to meet old friends. There will be gain of wealth. Luck will be in your favour. Take good care of your health and try to consume as light food as possible. You need to stay alert as there may be harm from any old friend. Your interest will increase in spirituality.


Health will be favourable. There are good chances to gain wealth. You may also get commission from any deal in you are a broker in any deal. You might also get wrongly accused due to any reason. Love life will be great and you will enjoy good time. Married life will run smooth. You may spend some time in spirituality.


You may feel lack of courage. There are chances of hidden income. You may also face problems in the personal life. Love relation however, will remain good. You will face downfall in education. Spiritual level may also decline. Complicated situations are possible at workplace. You may feel restless.


Your interest will increase in spiritual activities. Married couples will experience peace and harmony. Your love relations will remain good. You will feel inclined towards good deeds. Take care of the health of your spouse as they might experience health issues. Luck will be favourable and you will feel good at most times. There will be smooth progress in the work front. You will also get benefit in studies.


There are chances to get good job. Keep putting in efforts. You may get a chance to live at a place of your choice. Try to avoid consuming any spicy, oily food. Stay away from smoking and alcohol. Love life will experience some bitterness. Married life will be favourable. You will experience normal progress in education. Possibility of gaining wealth is less.


This phase will improve the love life. Married life will go smooth. You will take interest in religion, spiritual activities and meditation. You can also opt for job change. Your daily routine will be good. There will be major progress in the education field. Your social circle will increase and you will come in touch with some influential people.

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Apr, 16 2015 08:26 am