Mars combust in Aries

On April 10, 2015 Mars moved into the zodiac sign Aries. It will rise back on August 02, 2015. A planet close to Sun it is known as combust. Mars is cruel and hence, negative results may rise. However, it will not bring any unfavourable phase for the zodiacs. If you are going through pratyantar dasha of Mars, you might face its adverse effects.

Impacts of Mars combust in Aries on all the signs will be:


You may have experienced the feeling of not getting liberty in own house and suppression of thoughts by elders. This phenomenon is unexplainable and same thing is happening with Mars this time. Influence of Sun will face away the identity of Mars. This will continue for a period of 115 days. You need to be careful in every aspect of life. Recite Hanuman Chalisa to eliminate all the troubles.


Aries falls in twelfth house and Mars is deadly for you. In addition, it is also the lord of twelfth house. You need to focus on your married life. Do not let differences effect your emotions. Differences are common between relationships but things get worse when feelings change. Mars does not like the house and here it will act ferocious. Present yourself calmly and do not show anger.


Every time a planet goes under combustions it acts foolishly. This affects the natives directly. Under this effect natives tend to speak things they should not speak. You may spend entire day building castles. While you are out with your friends, make sure you do not annoy them. People attached to you might get irritated. Be polite with the ones who are helpful to you.


Combust mars will occupy the tenth house. Mars is the lord of your tenth and fifth house. You might feel powerless and helpless. This will also make you angry and irritated. You might have to face some complicated situations. This time you will be tested and make sure you do not fall into greed, anger, lust and pride. This will not yield positive results.


In all the religions, respecting elders is considered equivalent to respecting almighty. However, things are changed in modern era. Person with anger and hate has nothing to do other than talking against one another. However, we should not get trapped by them. Religion and religious thoughts are true, pious and moksha. One should never develop wrong feelings for the father, grandfather and elders of family or society. During this period you might face difference of opinion with any family member. But do not get your wishes fulfilled forcefully.


Eight house signifies passion. You need to leave your stubborn attitude. If an event has to happen it will happen no matter how many efforts you put to stop it. You deeds will walk with you in the end. If someone is trying to dominate your stop them at the very moment. Several things looks good in the beginning but later they may get worse.


Seventh house reflects spouse, daily work, partnership and a lot of many things. According to Vedas, due to your deeds in your previous birth you might get a spouse with whom you share difference of opinion. Remember to treat your partner good as life will treat you the way you treat them. Think wisely how you want your life to be.


Mars posited in sixth house is extremely favourable. Also, it is your ascendant lord. Do not try to be a leader among others. Do not treat others with inferiority and try to be cordial with everyone. Keep your anger controlled. Minor health issues are normal but it will be good to go for a complete body check-up as it might save you from something major.


Everyone needs pure and selfless love. Fifth house is the house of love and devotion. Do not do anything just to impress others. Fifth house also signifies fun, entertainment and joy. Worship the almighty but also enjoy the other pleasures. Try to enjoy life to the fullest. Refrain from talking or commenting about others.


Mars is the lord of eleventh and fourth house. It is combust and posited in the fourth house. This will affect your blood and heart. Your behaviour will hurt others. Disputes are foreseen due to ancestral property. If such issues occurs, try to be calm and composed. Control your anger and do not do anything in hurry. Everything takes time.


Traditions, relations and customs were once integral part of our country. Things have changes now and every day we come across some news reflecting the weak bonds among the people. Times never stays same. Conflicts are natural among the family members. Be calm and don’t speak or pursue anything evil. Keep good relations with people among you.


Conflicts may have any reason but they have the power to destroy the family. To avoid this keep control on your words. Getting irritated, angry or emotionally hurting anyone is a symbol of violence. This may damage your image. Breaking things out of anger is not the solutions. Burn your ego and aggression. Do not use rude language with anyone.

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Apr, 21 2015 05:45 am