Mars Transit in Gemini

Mars entered the zodiac sign Gemini on 16 June 2015 and will stay in this zodiac till July. Mars is an energetic planet and is an element of air. Due to this transit, there will be changes everywhere. What will be these changes, let us look them below.


Mars transit in the third house will be good. Your efforts will increase and you might have excess of anger. Excess of anger is not good. You will turn excited. You might argue with someone to explain your point. Luck will not in your favour. Physical desires may increase.


You will feel to buy something. It would be good if you save money this time. Problems are possible in the family and married life will also be not too good. You will face argument in all the aspects. You will not entertain explaining things repetitively. Take a watch on your food consumption.


You will want to make others obey you. You will turn violent and irritable. Physical bonds will increase the love in your life. You will love eating oily and heavy food. Smoking habit will increase. This time will not be good for your married life. Injury is also possible.


During this phase problems are foreseen in the love life. There will be useless hurdles in your endeavours. Married life will witness some problem. Your enemies will also create problems and so do your children. You will feel lonely. Expenses are likely to occur in the things related to religion.


You are egoistic and due to transit of Mars in the eleventh house, you will dominate others. You will enforce your ideas on your friends and colleagues. Try to accomplish your work by co-operating with others. Love life will witness some problems and so do the married life.


Mars will give you fruitful results in the tenth house. However, it is true when the conjunction of Rahu-Mars or Ketu-Mars is not there in the tenth house. You will accomplish your work by keeping your anger in control. Do not rush with anything as everything will happen on the right time. Married life will be good and your behaviour will act as a barrier in your love life.


You will turn violent in arguments. You might take keen interest in learning new things. Time is good for the higher studies. You will feel good and make new friends. Legal matters will increase your anger. The transit is overall good for your, if you give some time to understand others.


Position of the ascendant lord in the eighth house and in its own sign, will not affect much. Anger will rise and will be reflected in your love and married life. Some arguments are possible with friends. Minor health issues may also bother you. Do not drink and drive.


You and your partner will get extreme anger and then calm down each other in this phase. There are problems foreseen with your business partner. This is an aggressive sign and aspect of Mars will increase the aggression. Avoid criticising elders. Time is smooth for education. Stability in the work front is foreseen.


Health might become a reason of concern. This will be the worst time for your opponents. They will not be able to harm you in any way. Problems are foreseen in married life. At the work place you will not share good understanding with colleagues. Misunderstanding in foreseen in love life. Downfall in studies is also foreseen. You will perform great in competitive exams.


Your personality will become more attractive. You will enjoy love life in all manner. You will take interest in fun and joy. Try to stay away from addictions and smoking as they may ruin your health. Avoid consuming outside food.


You might spend money in your home décor. You will feel lonely. Expenses are possible on electrical appliances. Blood pressure may increase. You should perform yoga during this time. This is not a good time for married life, but your love life is looking good. Things will look good on the work front.

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Jun, 29 2015 10:16 am