Mercury Direct in Taurus till July 5 2015

Mercury turned direct from retrograde on June 12, 2015 in Taurus. Natives who were going though the Pratyantar Dasha of Mercury might have to face serious consequences. The effects of this transit are as follows –


This transit is good for your love life. You will enjoy good time with your partner. Family life will also remain good. There will be progress in the studies. Married life will be prosperous and financial gains are foreseen. You will enjoy and spend quality time with your family. Social circle will remain good. You will accomplish your work in minimum time.


Expenses are possible on your partner. There are chances of useless journeys. You will try to accomplish your work with your own efforts. You will cherish success and people will support you. You will enjoy good mood. There are chances of increase in the expenses in the married life. However, there will be peace and joy. Love life will be excellent and health will remain good.


Loss in wealth is possible. You might also lose any valuable asset. There may be slight downfall in your health. Try to stay away from illegal acts to make money. You will foresee the materialistic pleasures in love life. There may be some delay in the work accomplished. Expenses are possible with friends.


Time is good for you. There will be gain in the wealth and you will also develop new bonds. Love life will give you inner peace. Married life will also be good. Work front will have great time. You will get support from others and your work will be appreciated. Health will remain good. This phase is good for you and you will get benefitted in all aspects.


You will get support by your luck. Performance at work place will improve and good news might come at your door step. You will get support from seniors and sub-ordinates. Married life will be good and love life will move as per your wish. Health will be good and you will feel fresh. You will be busy with the work and wealth gain are possible. Happiness may come from children.


You might take part in the activities related to religion and spirituality. There will be downfall in your health. You will be addicted to the use of internet and cell phone. Luck will not be in your favour, hence do not take decisions in a hurry. Think carefully before finalizing any written or verbal agreement. Married life will be good.


Profit possibilities are less. Luck might also not support you completely. This is the right time to repay any debt. Married life will be full of tiffs and you might doubt your partner. Normal progress is foreseen in the studies. Harm from friends is possible. You might get embarrassed at the work place. The chances of wealth gain are less. Your health will remain good. However, you will feel little annoyed at times.


Problems are foreseen in the married life. You will not be able to concentrate on your work. You will give more time to the religious activities. The orders of the elder family members will be fulfilled. Love life will be good. Financial gain are normal. Progress is foreseen in the studies. You will co-ordinate well with others. Try to control your temper and attitude.


Work front will be good. You will get minor allergy related to skin due to seasonal changes. Married life will face problems. There will be harm in the love life as well. You will get bad news from children. During this phase you might also face health troubles. You will be confused at times. Time is good for finding new job. Try to control your expenses.


Love life will face problems. You will feel annoyed. Harm is possible to the married couples too. You will take interest in the opposite gender. Health will be favourable. Some work will be accomplished at the last moment. Daily routine will be hampered and you will not enjoy at work place. You will feel going to distant place away from home. You might also postpone any important work.


Outstanding progress can be foreseen in studies. Harm is possible from children. You might develop habit of finishing the work before the set schedule. Married life will not be peaceful. Slight downfall is also foreseen in the health. You will perform well at work.


Time will be in your favour. Love life will blossom. Married life will also be great. Your health will be in your favour. You might plan to go for outing. There are downfall foreseen in the studies. You will take less interest in the same and misunderstanding are possible. Religious activities will be supported.

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Jul, 01 2015 08:24 am