Mercury retrograde in Taurus till 12 June 2015

Taurus will experience the retrograde mercury from May 19, 2015 to June 12, 2015. Since it is in its friendly sign will not show negative effects. At times downfall will be seen in the areas dominated by mercury. Mercury will affect the far sightedness of the individuals as it signifies intelligence and sharpness. Although the results are not long lasting so avoid these situations to get a better solution for some time.


Mercury is the master of third and sixth house in your horoscope. Since mercury is retrograding you have to be careful in your social and domestic life. Be calm and show patience to avoid conflicts. Don’t be pessimist regarding your opinions and don’t try to overwhelm on others. Be careful from your enemies. Keep distance from them. Certain misunderstandings will arise. So try to overcome those by talking clearly about your mind set. Your hard work will brings in success. You might be troubles by your network connections but it will get fine within few days.


When any planet retrogrades in its ascendant it will affect it in different ways. Your ascendant is the significant of your body and soul. Hence your thoughts will be affected. You won’t trust people in general. You need not to think about the people. Investigate the facts on your own. Try to be happy. Might be people around you won’t be comfortable and happy. So be careful about your words. Misunderstandings once created can’t be resolved. They will crop you at every stage. So be very careful. Be polite and cautious regarding your relations. Think before taking any decision. You might miss certain good opportunities or deals in hurry. So be patient while taking decisions and implementing them.


Mercury is the lord of your sun sign. It is positioned in the 12th house, hence you need to put more efforts in your deeds. The retrograding planet bestows you with tremendous opportunities. The time is not suitable for journeys as it will not make any profit for you. The purpose of journey might not get fulfilled. Don’t expect too much from others. Try to complete your work on your own. Lots of support from others will let you land anywhere. Transaction of money among friends should be avoided. Be calm and take judicious decision without getting in influence of others.


Mercury and cancer shares an inimical feeling. Life will show you different colours of life. Lots of wealth won’t make you happy. It is the mental peace which you will seek during this tenure. Avoid the unnecessary expenditures just for show off. If you want to spend, spend on right things and at right place. Try to give what you seek from others whether its time or money. This give and take relationship from both sides will keep your relations alive. Otherwise people start moving away from you.


Mercury is the lord of 2nd and 11th house in horoscope. When it retrogrades individuals have to see many ups and downs. The results are just opposite of what we predicted. An expert lose his confidence while a wise can commit mistake. It is the time to become alert regarding the matters of money and future plans. It is the time not to rely on others but to come in front and take the charge. Share a healthy and friendly relations with the people at workplace. Don’t discriminate on the basis of senior and juniors. All are equal and must get equal respect irrespective of their age. So keep your ego away and keep the environment around you light and comfortable.


This is the time when you might visit any pilgrimage. Remember god always not at the time of troubles. Remove the negativity from you by visiting any religious nearby place. Involve more in spiritual activities. You and your family will enjoy this time and the money given in charity is always rewarded. The time is not in favour and brings in any mis-happening. But you are not at workplace you won’t be harmed. The expenses on pilgrimage and spiritual activities might save you from any mis-happening.


Mercury is the master of 9th and 12th house in your horoscope. If it gets retrograde it will brings some negative results. You will get some one’s support to accomplish your incomplete projects. Be careful regarding your social reputation. If you borrow money from someone try to return it on time. Your cool and patient behaviour will help you in achieving the mental peace. Your previous work will brings in some auspicious results. Try to be friendly and make healthy relations so that you can seek their help during hard times.


You might involve in any argument with your life partner. Try to resolve it as soon as possible. Life partner is the one who stands along with you among all odds. Discuss and express your views freely in front of your life partner and resolve all issues. This will help you in getting rid of hard time. Or it can be considered as the mantra during this time. Keep your ego and anger aside and fill your life with love and happiness. Your friends proved to be beneficial for you.


Serious conflicts with your spouse might arise as the master of 7th house enters in 6th. You have to resolve these conflicts on your own. People never help those who are full of anger and ego. So change your attitude, keep yourself cool and calm. Your friendly and polite behaviour attract others and brings in success. You can’t please everyone and don’t let yourself down by hearing something negative. Keep your focus on your desired target and move ahead. Good things are waiting for you at professional front.


You have to take care of yourself. Remember that health comes first. Don’t hurt yourself. Be happy and take the challenges smilingly. There is no limit in life. Go beyond your limits to achieve the desired targets. Avoid the misunderstandings and spend quality time with your partner and seek his/her opinion to overcome the stress and problems. Practice yoga and pranayama, this will help you in long run.


Try to have a composed behaviour. Your behaviour might be unpredictable for others. If you talk much at times and keep quite at some. Be very clear about your views and sayings, so that others get it clearly. There are no chance of misunderstandings. If you are misunderstood, clarify the doubts on time. This stubborn attitude leads you nowhere. Be very careful with your mails too. Write and express your views properly. Don’t take any decision in hurry. Take proper time and opinion of others and think on all aspects of it.


Lot of traits are associated with the planets. But mercury is known for the communication. Try to be careful during this time. Collect all information before making any plans. Especially when you are planning to go somewhere. Try to spend your time with family and your spouse. This will resolve the issues and sort out all differences. Avoid taking major decisions and deals during this time.

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Jun, 03 2015 09:02 am