Mercury Transit in Aries on 27 April 2015

Mercury is presently transiting in the Aries zodiac. It will transit to Taurus on April 27, 2015. It will retrograde as well. Mercury is a hyperactive planet, which is very intelligent but lacks patience. This planet is like price of the parliament house. Its behaviour keep on changing.

If you are going through the sub-period or sub-sub-period of Mercury, you will feel the effects more prominently.


You will try hard to accomplish your goals and get success in your efforts. Playfulness will remain in your mind. You will develop a tendency of taking quick decisions. This may harm you too. Married life will be great. Love relationship will be also good. Progress is foreseen in education. There are chances of financial profits. You will also get income from in-laws. Expenses will increase. You may travel abroad. Luck will support and health will be fine.


Most of your efforts will not produce fruitful results. You need to work hard and differences may occur in your love relationship. Try to repay your debts as soon as possible. Married life will be great. You may have to travel to distant places. Work environment will be positive. You will seek benefits from your friends.


There will be a good familiarity between the family members. You will lead a good married life. Success will come to you at work place. Your decision making ability will improve. There may be moments when you will spend your time with your friends. Company of female friends will give happiness. Love relationship may become a major reason for increasing expenses.


There are chances of getting good financial profits. You will get the support of family members. There will be progress in business and work. Luck will support you, but you need to control your expenses. There will be mental peace. Married life is favourable and love life may also remain good. You will get the support of friends in education.


This transit will be very auspicious for you. Progress will come in all the aspects. Any special event may occur in your love relationship. Married life will be smooth. Time is favourable in the work front too. You will work for religion and spirituality. During this time, you may also be occupied in fulfilling the desires of your family members. Time is favourable for financial matters.


You may feel reduction in your self-confidence. Your work may get interrupted without any reason. Luck will not support you. Financial losses are possible. You may take some wrong decision in a hurry. Try to avoid being too excited and do not take any major decision in excitement. Problems may occur in married life. Expenses may also increase. Businessperson need to stay cautious.


Your will enjoy the pleasure of life and will stay happy. Luck will remain stable. Married life will be good. You are likely to gain some hidden profits. There will be progress in education. Family atmosphere will remain good. You will spend a lot on your spouse. Loved ones will support you.


Any skin disease may trouble you during this phase. There might be some misunderstanding in love relationship. You may feel difficult in talking and explaining things to others. Differences may occur in your married life. Expenses may also increase. Disputes with family members is also foreseen. Situation at work place will be favourable. This is not right time to invest money.


Good atmosphere will prevail at home. Family members will share great co-ordination. Intensity will remain maintained in love relationship and married life will be great too. Education will be good, but you need to concentrate more. Health will be favourable.


Stay cautious from diseases and take care of your health. Relation with your loved ones will be good. You need to devote time in education to get good results. Performance at work place will be great. Losses are likely to occur in love relationship. Loss from children are also possible. Your mental state may not remain stable.


This is the perfect time for financial profits. You will get support from friends. Luck will be also favourable. You will also enjoy the married life. Progress is foreseen in education. There are chances of travelling to distant places. Health will remain good and you will be mentally stable. Your work efficiency will be normal.


Health may deteriorate and any problematic disease may trouble you. Married life will be good. Social interaction will be great. There will be harmony among the family members. You may achieve something in education or at workplace. Work and business will generate benefits. Luck will remain good. Your reputation may also increase.

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Apr, 21 2015 06:50 am