Mercury Transit in Gemini on July 5, 2015 till August 1, 2015


To be in the same sign is similar to be in the same house. In this phase do everything that comes to your mind. Do not bother or think about the outside world.  Mercury is a planet with dual nature whereas Gemini belongs to air element. This will speed up in your life. People will like your humour. If you are related to writing field, your writing skills will enhance.


Mercury is residing in the second house, which is the house for business, commercial, wealth and decision making. Mercury is coming in this house, your focus will shift to finance and job. You will like to know from where the money is coming or going. You will enjoy good time with friends. This is a good time to pursue any short term course.


When ascendant lord comes in the ascendant, it brings happiness and goodness. In this phase, goodness will increase when the planet Mercury will enter in the ascendant. A good change is foreseen. You will feel good and happy and will interact with people. Your level of humour will increase.


Twelfth house favours Venus only and for a planet like Mercury, this house becomes problematic. This house is peaceful and this creates problem for Mercury. This is the time to control your expenses. You will get the fruitful results of your deeds in this phase.


The beneficiary planet is coming in the eleventh house and it will bless the natives with the results as per their wishes. If you wish to live a happy life stay positive and enjoy the life without any hurdle. Anyone who might hate your happiness may create some problems. You will cherish wealth, respect, fame, luck and friends.


Tenth house signifies the deeds of a person. This is the time to express your thoughts and points forcefully with everyone. Do not refrain your thoughts to yourself. Time is the best thing to watch for new options. You have to keep your thought in front of all and listen to others opinion as well. Your ideas will be appreciated and everything will be good.


You will miss your old friends and will feel like talking to them. Businessperson will find it difficult to take out time for their personal and domestic life. This will create problem in your domestic life. Try to maintain balance between your work and personal life. Take out some time to go out with your family members.


Eighth house signifies secrets, discovery, research and similar things. Mercury is the planet associated with intellectual and fruitful results. If you like investigating and finding out hidden secrets, put forward your efforts this time. You will get success and will also make some enemies. This phase is good to discuss close relations.


Seventh house signifies the personal bond between husband and wife and business partnerships. Time is fruitful for you and you will talk to the point with all. There will be an increase in your humour. People will like talking to you. Your endeavours will be accomplished and profits will be there. Do not over think as it will bring harm and defamation.


Mercury will come in your sixth house. In the birth chart, Virgo comes in sixth house and its lord is Mercury. This will bring fruitful results. You will think about your health. It will be good to avoid heavy foods. You will talk good at the work front and this will be beneficial. Some problems are possible from those who are your enemies. Do not think about them and keep doing your work.


This house has all the qualities loved by Mercury. This is a good time. You will behave well with your children. Most of the Aquarius natives will be indulge in the gaming activities. Romantic thoughts will remain in your mind. Your search will never end for your love.


You will coordinate with your family members. You will share moments of laughter and fun with them. Friends might come to meet you. You should think about future plans to strengthen your financial, social and mental situation. Time is good for social life but planning your financial life is equally important.

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Jul, 07 2015 09:15 am