Sun transit in Aries

Sun moved in the exalted sign, Aries on April 14, 2015. Both the Aries and Sun are fire elements. This combination will increase the temperature. Sun will travel in the constellation of Ketu, Sun and Venus.

Natives with the sub period or Pratyantar of Sun will face more effects of this transit. As per astrological beliefs, Sun and Moon will remain unaffected from Dosha of eighth house. However, this may not go correct every time. Capricorn will cause some impact when Sun will come in its constellation.


You might turn aggressive and short tempered during this phase. Analyse the situation completely before doing anything. Some problems are possible in married life. Love life will remain favourable. You will get good amount of money due to your own efforts. Punctuality will be a part of your life. Health will be favourable, but there can be issues of headache and eye pain.


It is important to take care of health. There may be issues related to bones. Avoid ego else some allegations are possible. Your thoughts will keep changing and you will not have a fixed mind set. Married life will be stable. Love life may go smooth. There is downfall seen in studies. This is not right time for competitive exams.


You might make new friend during this phase. You should control your habits of wasting time. Married life will be good and same can be applicable for the love life too. There is progress in studies. Appreciable progress is foreseen in the work front. You will get support from senior officials. Relation with family members will stay good.


There are good chances of getting job. Luck is in your favour. You will also get support from others. You are expected to meet someone who will guide you towards spirituality. There are expenses foreseen in buying new vehicles. You will perform great at workplace. Studies will be good. Married life will be prosperous and love life will remain stable.


Your interest will develop in religion and pilgrimage. There are long distance journeys foreseen during this phase. Your fame will increase. You will enjoy good state of mind and mental peace. Your focus will be on self-grooming. Financial profits will come your way. You will get benefit and support from friends.


You might return someone’s money back. Health problems are possible. Luck will not support much. Someone may change or forget his/her promise. There are also chances of loss in money and education. Married life will be prosperous. Love life will remain great only if you stop doubting your partner.


Married life may get affected this time and things may worsen. You will get short tempered. Love life will remain excellent. Things will be good in education. Friends will support you a lot. Work front will remain favourable. Profits are foreseen in business. Health issues are also possible. Financial profits are foreseen. Concentrate more on work rather materialistic things.


You will dominate your enemies. There are minor health issues possible. Love life will also experience negativity. Disputes are possible in financial area. You will do well at work place. However, you will not find mental peace during this phase. Control your expenses a bit. There may be conflict with the family members. You might also invest in wrong place.


Your interest will rise in religion and spirituality. Your behaviour towards elders of family will be good. You will take less interest in work. You may involve more in fun and entertainment. Love life will be favourable and married life will be great. Progress at work place will decline. Things will be favourable in studies.


There are issues possible related to ancestral property. Health problems may sustain. You will have progress in profession and it will help you seeking appreciation. Some problems are possible in married life. Love life will be excellent. Major health problem is also possible. There will be progress in education. You will meet your targets on time.


Your interest in your spouse may get deviated for some time. You will like to be lonely. Your connections will increase with influential people. Health will remain good. There are good chances of getting money. You will perform great at work. You will also develop interest in opposite gender.


There are problem of health especially in teeth. Try to eat less. Work place will remain great and prosperous. Conflict is possible with family members. Love life will be good. Married life will also remain favourable. There are possibilities of profit from relatives. Keep your emotions under control.

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Apr, 21 2015 06:15 am