Sun transit in Gemini till July 16, 2015

Sun entered the Gemini zodiac on June 15, 2015. Gemini is friendly with sun. Natives going through the Pratyantar Dasha of Sun will face major consequences of the transit.  The impact of this transit of the various zodiac will be as follows.


Sun posited in the third house will provide energy to your working style. You will accomplish your work by working for long. Your social involvement will increase and you will cherish fame. Luck will support you, but you will spend more money. Love life will remain good. Married life will also look blissful. Studies will remain way they are.


Some problems are possible in the personal life. You will invest money in buying new articles. You might start thinking about the financial conditions. Foreign tour are also possible. There will be arguments with the family members. Dispute is foreseen with any member of the family. Love life will be good. Studies will remain same and matters related to old property will create problems.


Due to positioning of Sun, useless anger will increase. It will directly affect your married life. Try to be calm. Temperature of the body will increase and there are chances of fever. Success may come in the competitive examinations. Things will remain fine at the work front.


Positioning of the second house in the twelfth house increase the chances of wealth loss. You will not get proper sleep. Pain is possible in the eyes and itching might also occur. You will face disappointments in your work in the beginning. Problems are also foreseen in the love life. Married life will be better.


Positioning of the ascendant lord in the eleventh house will bring auspicious time in your life. You will get support from your friends and you will also make new relations. Love life will blossom and you will share cordial bond. Married life will remain at the same. Education will foresee some progress. There are chances of wealth profits. You will get success at work front too.


Positioning of Sun in the tenth house will not bring much benefits. Your will put forward your best efforts but it will not satisfy your superiors. You colleagues will take you forward, but still you will lack the motivation to move ahead. You will perform well at studies. Love life and married life will be normal.


Sun will bring profits to your life being positioned in the ninth house. Sun is the lord of your eleventh house. You will have good thoughts about religion. You will get less success in your endeavours. However, with hard work you will achieve greater success. Harm is also possible. Profit from loved ones is foreseen.


This is the time to be careful in your work. If you are in the research or income tax field, you will get great profits. You might also undertake any new research work. Happiness is not foreseen in your married life. You have to focus on your punctuality as you might get late at work place.


Peace is expected to decline. This is because anger and violence will reside in your seventh house. You will have to remain clam for some time. Misunderstanding are possible in the married life. However, things will get back normal soon. Your spiritual level will increase and you will visit religious places. Financial life will stay stable.


This is the time to remain careful about your health. Disputes are possible with colleagues. Enemies will not be able to harm you. Time is good for competitive examinations. Efforts will fetch profits. Personal life will remain good and love life is also fine. Conflict with family members is foreseen.


Your love life will get affected, but not for long time. Trouble is possible to your children. Stay away from illegal ways to make money. Support and profits will come from friends. You will not feel interested in working. You might reach late at work place. Time is good for going for a outing.


Transit of Sun in the fourth house will create problems in the health. Expenses will increase and it is possible for home. Be in contact with your family and listen to them. Things are good at work front. Do not interfere in the matter of others.

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Jul, 01 2015 08:50 am