Sun Transit in Taurus Till 15 June

Sun will transit into sun sign Taurus. There is a hostile bonding of venus with sun and venus is associated with Taurus. This transition affects each and every individual’s life. What changes and effects are there in your horoscope just unveil them all by reading the following horoscope.


The time is seem to be suitable for the expansion of business ventures. The time also going to bring in some challenges. But you will do god at your work place. Certain tiffs are possible with the higher officials. Love life is seem to be good and your married life will run smoothly. You will be little aggressive as a result certain disputes with the family members are visible.


The time is to put control on your tongue. You might get into serious conflicts with your spouse. You will achieve your desired targets and step forward to put more sincere efforts to fulfil your ambitions. You will find stability at work place. Your expenses might increase. The business will run at its own pace. You will be inclined towards religious activities/. Be careful with your behaviour as your stubborn attitude might create problems for you. Stars also predicts that you will be suffering from fever during this duration.


The individuals might suffer from eyes problems. A huge loss is waiting for you. There might be unusual change in your social behaviour which cause certain problems for you. You have a blissful married life. Your love life is also seem to be great. Expenses on friends and family members is visible. It is advised to you to control your expenses and attitude to show off. You might be fooled by your friends.


Time is extremely favourable for you. Your friends will prove to be helpful. Your rapport with others help you in achieving the desired targets. People at workplace respect you. Profits are and huge responsibilities are awaiting for you. You will be inclined towards spirituality. You have a good married life and love life is also seem to be favourable for you. You might have conflicts with your children. For students there is not much change. You will find yourself strong on the financial fronts and spend more time in religious activities.


This transition s proved to be extremely good for leo’s. You will be getting some new responsibilities. Students will be doing well in education. Your love life is seem to be good. You will develop interest in spirituality. Your married life will run smoothly. Your vehicle might cause trouble for you. Your social circle will increase and you will earn name and fame in all aspects and ventures of your interest. Long journeys are awaiting.


This is the time when you will spend money initially while profits will come to you later. Your elders will be supporting you. This is the favourable time to accomplish your endeavours. You might also visit any pilgrimage. You have to be careful regarding your behaviour as it might cause trouble in your relations. You might be troubled by certain health issues during this tenure.


You might be troubled by the people nearby you. You will have to face different issues at workplace and even at home. Your married life would be at stake. You have to deal with all situations patiently. Try not to involve in the problems of the others. Be careful from hidden enemies. You might get some sad news from the in- laws side.


Troubles in married life is visible. Your love life will be smoother. You have to control your temper. You will be going great at your workplace. But take care of your health. Body temperature might increase resulting in a fever. You will be inclined towards spiritual activities.


Be careful. Time is not in your favour. Control your deeds. You will aspire others by your dressing sense. Your attractive personality will dominate your enemies. You will enjoy stress free life. Your married life is seem to be good. Problems in love life may arise. Delay in the work of your desire is visible but this will not change your mind set. Be calm and composed and don’t involve yourself in any controversies.


Be careful while dealing with children. Arguments are possible in your love life. Your married life goes wonderful. Your interest in tantra mantra and religious activities will increase. The time is suitable to increase your social network. You can take help of internet to grow it further.


It’s the time to spend with your family. You must spend time with your loved ones. Give time to your marriage. You might suffer from stomach related issues. Certain good things are waiting for you at your workplace and in business too. Your performance will get better and better. You will enjoy stability in your love life. Your luck will support you to achieve the desired targets.


You will enjoy a wonderful married life. Be careful in your love affairs. Your luck will be in your favour. You will enjoy the mental peace and enjoy the time with your loved ones in outing and doing parties. Long journeys are foreseen. You will share a good rapport with your friends and people at workplace. Your brother might bring certain profits for you. Overall the time is in your favour and you share cordial relationship with everyone.

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Jun, 03 2015 08:57 am