The astrological science with the Vedas

The astrological science with the Vedas

The astrological sciences deal with the planetary motion of the planets and the sun and the moon. It has been said by the sages and the rishis that each of these celestial bodies is having an attractive power on the terrestrial bodies and thus their movement has an adverse effect on the terrestrial bodies.

The Vedic astrology is being considered as the holistic knowledge and it has its origin form the very ancient times of the Vedas.  It deals with the life and after life, it has been believed that we get the punishments of the karma that we are doing in our life. And these karmas determine the different effect of the planets on us.

Origin of the Vedic astrology and its importance

The Indian Vedic astrology is all about the two things the past and he future. The past is unchangeable and the future is unknown to us. But through the astrological science we can know the future and thus can change it to some extent.

And here comes the term of horoscope which deals in determining our future in a way which marks our life process with the opportunities that are coming our way and the hurdles that are crossing your life path. The horoscope is clearly considered as the draft of the life path.

In the Indian astrology the horoscope deals with the 27 constellation and the planets have the dominating power over these 27 constellations. Based on these constellation twelve zodiac signs are being determined. Every individual when they are born they in default gets the zodiac sign which are quite important and also significant.

Based on these zodiac sign the natal chart or the birth chart is being done and this helps to know about the future of the life journey. Thus these symbols are quite important. Each single symbol has their own characteristics and thus they need to be similar with the behavior of that person.

Vedic astrology based on zodiac sign

Like if we talk about one zodiac sign Aquarius. This zodiac sign is having the symbol of the water bearer. A person who born in between 20th January to 18th February has this zodiac signs and the ruling planet is the Uranus. The amethyst stone is very lucky to them and their main ambition is life is to understand the various mysteries of life in their own way. They are people who think a bit differently from the crowd. They are intellectuals and inventor who are always on the motion of inventing something new for them. They can maintain both pain and pleasure of the life in any way and they handle this entire situation in a very tough way. They have their own style of handling life and thus can get a good response from the way they deals.

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