The different types of astrology and culture

The different types of astrology and culture

Our life is something which is totally based on the thing which is totally unknown. It is similar to our birth and death. As it is unknown to us what is going to happen in future, therefore we take help of the sciences like the astrology which helps us to tell all things about the past present and future.  They are capable of answering all types of queries related to our life. The origin of astrology arises from the Vedic period and hence they are being practiced from the age of purana and Vedas mainly by the rishis and the sage.

Astrology and its significance in human life

Astrology has made its royal existence from the very ancients’ period and hence it is different in different culture and tradition. They are also differentiated into two types which include the natural and the judicial. The natural one deals with the planetary positions and the judicial one deal with effect of the celestial bodies on the human being. Thus based on these two the Vedic astrologers are able to predict about the future of the individual. Also the culture has three different origins which are western, Chinese and Indian. All these have different techniques in determining the predictions of an individual.

Western culture astrology

The western culture first originated in Babylonia and from there it spreaded to Greece from there.nad the belief was that they profoundly believed that there are five planets and the five planets are five different gods. They were Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, mars and Mercury. And these planetary movements are actually the god’s activities which are very much related to the position of the sun and the moon in the space. This actually has an effect on the life of individual and clear out the path of the life journey. Thus their belief is different from the Indian one.

Chinese beliefs in astrology

The Chinese beliefs that planets which are present represent different elements like the planet Venus represent Metal, Mercury represented water, mars represented the fire, Saturn represented the earth and Jupiter represented the wood. And accordingly the individuals who are having the planets ruling in their natal chart have the traits and representation of that particular planet. And this consists of a great part of the Chinese astrology. Their horoscope pays a very vital role when a child takes birth as the planets have their effect on the individuals from that time until death. Alexander had a great role in popularizing the Chinese astrology in the world.

Indian astrological belief

Last but not the least, Indian horoscope which is believed to have originated from the Mauryan age is the most ancient one. The entire field of study is known as Jyotish and it includes three parts- Siddhanta, samhita and Hora. The last one deals with the predictions of the individual fate based on the planetary position and the inter relationship between sun and moon. The free horoscopes are available in the free horoscope websites and they will provide you yearly or monthly or daily basis personalized horoscope based on the zodiac sign you belong.

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