The Horoscope of Zodiac Sign for Venus Transit into Sagittarius year 2017

The Horoscope of Zodiac Sign for Venus Transit into Sagittarius year 2017

Every planet is the ruler of some or the other character of human beings. Of all the planets, Venus is known as the planet for love and romance. The planet Venus will transit in the Sagittarius on the , 2017. Know how this transit will affect the life of the bearers of different horoscope signs.

Aries- There is a great probability of disturbance in the married life of the Aries. Aries people must take care of the things that they are saying. Even special care must be taken while speaking to the spouse. There is a great chance of getting odd news from the brother in law of these sign bearers. It is suggested to avoid unnecessary travels.

Taurus– Expenditures must be done wisely. People with the Taurus sign should also not feel shy to seek or accept opinions on regards to the expenditures. There is a great chance that material pleasure finds great preference, so it is advised to keep that in check. Staying away from immoral activities is suggestive as the results and outcomes might be really bad and lead to a great damage. There are also indications of silent strikes from enemies. So it is better to keep them at bay.

Gemini– it is better to be patient and pay attention to the better half. Spending of maximum time with family as well as near and dear ones are recommended. Special attention must be given to the spouse’s health. Beware of the surprises that are to come due to the suddenness of events.

Cancer- Extra effort and hard work is required to gain domestic happiness. The vehicles must be given special attention because there is a great probability of breakdowns or failures. There is also a great chance of the income pattern getting affected and take a negative turn. Be attentive to the debtors and keep the expenditure limited.

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Leo– Professional issues might take the route of uneasiness. While communicating, there must be a control to the words that come out of the mouth. There are also chances of disappointments from the opposite gender. As a result, it is suggestive to be calculative while dealing with them. Even while dealing with mother or spouse, special care must be taken. Avoid trying to act as a catalyst.

Virgo- Domestic happiness will face a great fluctuation. Try to stay away from too much materialistic happiness. Avoid being the primary point of communication of the home. There are great chances of auspicious events in the family. It is suggested to keep the lavishness at bay.

Libra– There is great chances of conflicts with the younger siblings. Avoidance of betting or any sort of sudden profit making is suggestive. Travelling should also be avoided during this period. Control of the mental faculties is suggested as well as act in accordance.

Scorpio– It is better not to get carried by impulse and repent later. Special attention must be provided to the health of spouse and self. The speech will be the key element for success as well as failure. It is better to get more attached to the family members.

Sagittarius– Children must be taken care of during this period of time. There are also chances of unnecessary expenditures and professional disturbances. There may be some unexpected obstacles in the field of education initiatives. Any venture in the field of profession might not be very fruitful.

Aquarius- Obstacles may come in the field of academic education. Luck might also not favor in the everyday life. It is better to manage the income pattern. Running after rewards or awards is not suggestive. Hard work must be done to earn he deserved.

Pisces– Younger siblings might face problems in the professional field during this time. Control of tone or speech is recommended. Flow of words should also be taken care of. It is better to stay low profile. Sudden changes might be damage causing.

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