The malefic planets affecting the terrestrial object

The malefic planets affecting the terrestrial object

Saturn planet is considered to be most dangerous and everyone gets aware of its effect on the individuals. While you get the bad effect of Saturn on you then even a successful person can become dreadful. Any person who is successful in every field like business, career, study  and in any field can brig them down and thus make dreadful. The effect can suffer anyone very significantly and thus needs to please the planet. The Saturn period is quite dreadful and there are many rough attempts which can be avoided by taking the right path of pleasing the sani dev in a perfect way.

Ways out of the effects of the Saturn planet

In a way if you please the god, then you may not get the complete success but everything is being half done. Moreover when the sani dev is please he can bless you with all good things and bestow you with all good. When you have the effect of Saturn whether it’s bad or good you have nothing to do but to intervene the future along with the birth chart. It is commonly believed that this planet actually drag you to good times and unique path but after a huge bad period and in a harsh way.

The main objective of the Saturn planet that it provides you happiness but on some cases it may affect you very badly. But you must consider sani in a very respectful way so that he is not at all dishonored. If you disrespect the lord then he may get angry and can have its effect on an adverse basis. Puja for Saturn transit 2017 based on the various zodiac signs are being declared by the websites where you will get to know the timings ad the dates in the website. No cost is being charged for it and hence you can follow this to perform sani puja.

Puja and remedial action for Sani dev

Sani dev is considered to be the son of surya or sun. He is very strict teacher teaching you about the various endeavor of the life like patience, endurance, efforts and create a harsh situation in life. He may bring you down and can obstruct you in bringing success. But a good placement of the sani dev on the birth chart can bring a lot of prosperity and good luck to you with all kinds of positivity. It is being exalted in libra and debilitated in Aries. The dasa of the sani has to be passed by following the following remedies.

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You have to perform puja of lord Hanuman or lord Bhairo. Reciting hanuman chalisa or any hanuman strotam can bring a change in effect. Shani mantra: ompram preem, proum sah shanaischarya namah should be recited along with the strotam mantram. Fasting should be done on Saturdays and you can give a buffalo or black til on Saturday. Puja for Shani transit 2017 is being done for the remedial action of the planets. Thus get the timing and the dates from the website and perform the remedial action of the planets to get the good effect of the planet.

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