The Shradh Amavasya date Year 2016

The Shradh Amavasya date Year 2016

As per Hindu rituals and the religion’s vedic rules and laws, Shradh is a very important occasion. It is done so that people can pay respect to their ancestors and departed family members. This has to be of course done by the current generation.

The day of Shradh Amavasya is a vital during the Shradh timeframe. It is basically done for ancestors who left the world on the day of Amavasya tithi, Purnima tithi or the Chaturdashi tithi. The day is also vital for people who are not able to do the Shradhs on the tithis.

Doing the shradh pujan on this day can make up for any other day. Also, if the date of death of any family member is unknown, then the puja can also be done on this day.

Thus the Amavasya Shradh is also called the Sarvapitri Moksha Amavasya.

In West Bengal, this day is called the Mahalya Amavasya and it is marked as the first day of Navratri when Devi Durga came to earth.

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The rectification—

1 single mistake from a family member can put the whole lineage in burden. But one single pujan can correct everything, and the shradh Amavasya day is the most important one.

This Shradh is done on the day of new moon, which falls during the Bhadrapada month. Of the 15 days of the Shradh, this one is the most vital of them all. The Shradh Amavasya is also known as Sarva Pitra Moksha Amavasya and Sarva Pitri Amavasya.

On the day of Shradh Amavasya, one can do the shradh to respect their departed family members who died on;

  • Amavasya Tithi, Chaturdashi Tithi, and Purnima Tithi
  • Where the date of death or Tithi is unknown or forgotten
  • Those whose shardhs are not done over the Tithi, when they left the world

How it works—

As soon as you put in the order, you will get a confirming mail from our side. And, as quick as 36 hrs, you will again get another mail from  conveying the data, time and place of the shradh.

The mail will also include all do’s and the not’s during the puja day. A link will also be given so that you can see the pujan during the mentioned date and time. You can also come physically and see the pujan yourself or send in someone from your behalf. When the puja is done, a link replaces the order link. And you can then easily check out the puja anytime after that.

Frequently Asked Queries or the Questions:

Is the information true?

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If you do what you are told to do, then we can always guide you during your future. Astrology helps with aiding people when they need to look ahead in life. It is a part of science. You can take its recommendations and make changes to your life accordingly. You can also make decisions as per them.


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