The Top 10 Gemstones Which Can Heal Us

The Top 10 Gemstones Which Can Heal Us

How can gemstones actually heal?

Along the years, professionals have told people to wear gemstones for healing intentions. For instance, those who suffer from claustrophobia or vertigo are advised to wear moonstones.

But how do they work? According to the experts, gemstones have energies and they create an aura of resonance within a person’s body, mind and soul. In simpler terms, they are the energy creators.

Embodying the energies:

Gemstones, just like medicines, turns on body’s enzymes to clear off any type of infections. The gems activate the forces inside the body to provide solution and healing power to the problems.

Every single stone has its individual healing capabilities as they have unique and therapeutic effects. They do use the powers of the normal or traditional healing methods. People who suffer from mental problems, emotional problems, phobias, prolonged illnesses and stress can opt for these gems.

The stones have healing powers

As per the physicists, every matter has energy in its physical form and gemstones are based on this. They are treated as a gift from Mother Nature, having created themselves over years and years at various high pressures.

Take help of the Fluorite Crystals as protector

If you want to get rid of negativity in life, fluorite can help your immensely. They are found in various colours and each one protects a person against negativity that covers him or her. It clears off all negativity and clears the air to provide extra strength.

Lapis Lazuli clarifies the head

Mostly referred to as the truth stone, the gem is one of the most wanted stones in the world. The stone is of dark blue shade and it links with up the blue sides of the heavens. It is utilized as an icon for honour, vision, strength and spirit and it can clear a person’s mind. It can aid in reaching higher notes in the mind and thus facilitate extra intellect.

The Rose quartz serves the body’s heart

The Quartz has tranquil energy and is considered as a heart healer as it can keep your heart fit and fine. It can also help during heartbreaks and it can be a good gift option for people who do not appreciate themselves that well.

Hematite influxes confidence

In the shade of black greyish colour, the Hematite stones can balance between energies and help the users to ground themselves. They can initiate in-depth thinking process, vivid the mind up and give greater memory. Some people also end in difficult situations thanks to the gem and it can aid with fluxing extra confidence and esteem.

Jade can calm things down

Jade has been the dream gem for all for around 6000 years. It can give the user calmness and it can balance out everything. Jade can recharge a person’s energies and can protect them from illnesses. It can also help in overcoming rejections, as it can also build trust between new lovers.

Amethyst gives positive energies

This rare gem is quite a popular form of quartz. It can heal people up as it can make magnetic fields in our bodies. High dosages of magnetic fields can create issues, but the Amethyst can bring positivity in health thanks to its small dosages. The gem can exchange and interact with energies within a body. It can aid with sleep cycle, blood flow and cell making.

Turquoise can keep bad luck away

This gem, for a long time, has protected people from any harm or injuries or negative omens. It can tie up with your body’s functions, so if you fall sick, the gem becomes paler in colour, if you die then it can fade away totally. The gem can make leaders and chances for travelling.

 Kyanite aid with correcting the chakras in a body

The blue gem Kyanite is very strong when it’s used in the vicinity of the throat chakra. It can open up channels of communications from your body. The gem can balance and align up the chakras all together. It can also easily remove the negativity and clean up the body.

Obsidian aids in finding the enlightenment road

The grounding gem can help to protect and also provides a path of enlightenment as it allows a body to give up on its past. It can also help with overcoming bad habits and it aids a person to view new ventures and brings tranquillity and calmness into his or her life.

Citrine aids in focusing

The yellow gem called the Citrine aids with focusing and goal achieving. If you wear it, you will have a clear goal and more happiness in life with extra vigour and energy. The gem basically emulates the famous yellow topaz.

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