Transit of Mercury in Sagittarius 2016

The transition of Mercury in Sagittarius on  December 2016. What effect does this transit of Mercury transit will have on each zodiac sign? Read on the predictions of our astrologer to know more.

Mercury will make its transition in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a fiery sign and during transit, Mercury will come out from the constellations of Ketu, Venus and Sun. Both Venus and Sun are its friends. People going through the sub-sub-period of Mercury will feel maximum effects, but for others everything will remain normal. Read the effect of this transit on different zodiac signs below.


Mercury will change its position in your ninth house. You will enjoy some lovely and precious moments with your life-partner or sweetheart. You will develop an interest in religious activities and it is also a favorable time to do some charity. It is a perfect time for going to pilgrimages. You will spend a lot of time with your family members as well as do some shopping.


There is a strong possibility of financial losses. You have to come across many hurdles in personal life. There may be some problems that may either arise in love relationships or they will come to an end. Disputes may arise with family members. There may be a fall in your health. Along with negativity coming in your thoughts, disputes will also remain. Someone whom you know may try to harm you. You may face many problems in education. Time is not at all favorable for going on interviews.


You will be happy with improvement in work. You will remain full of vibe and energy. It is a good time for businessmen. You will lead a normal married life. Expenses will increase because of love relationships. There is possibility of losses due to shares in stock-market. You will share a good bonding with your family members.


Mercury will bring expenses for Cancer. But when Mercury travels through the constellations of Ketu, Venus and Sun in Sagittarius, it means that it will positively bring some benefits for you. Time is not at all good for natives who are planning to change their jobs. There will be increase in profits for businessmen. Distant journeys are on the cards. You may also need to do some charities or donations.


Natives who are associated with arts may also earn profits. Others may also earn profit, but not that much. You will receive special benefits because of Sub-sub-period of Mercury. With improvement in your communication skills, you will also achieve good success in work. You will become humorous. Your companionship will provide great enjoyment to people and so you will create a special place among them.


There will be an improvement in your bonding with others along with good atmosphere in work. There is possibility of distant journeys. There will be good coordination among family members. There will be improvement in studies also, with special benefits for commerce students. Good financial benefits are waiting for property dealers. There is much possibility for you to go on a foreign trip. Take proper care of your laptop and gadgets, mobile phone, or else you may lose them.

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Mercury being lord of ninth house, is transiting in your third house. So, luck will always be in your favor. Mercury is also the lord of twelfth house for you, so try to use your logic and intellect to the fullest. Don’t become overconfident or else it may harm you.


There are chances of getting a gift from in-laws. You will share a good bonding with family members. You will get the help of your friends to increase your earnings. You may get a good news from your elder brother. People to whom you owe money back may tell you to do so. It’s better not to take money from anyone on debt. You will be able to spend a lot of time with your friends as well as get financial benefits. Businessmen will also possibly gain benefits.


Mercury in ascendant improves mentality, if it is not affected by any brutal planet, otherwise there will be a change in its nature. You will love to enjoy and travel along with work remaining good. You may have to be the leader of a team. You will be satisfied in your personal life. Opponents may win in disputes. You will gain importance at your workplace.


The transit of lord of ninth house in twelfth house is not favorable, as chances of losses will increase. You should make your planning carefully and try to follow them. Try to become efficient in completing all the works within time. There is no need to concentrate much on relationships, as time is not favorable for them. It will only lead to frustration.


Time is extremely favorable for love relationships. You can opt for estimation based earnings, as time is auspicious for them, if sub-sub-period of Mercury should be there. You will also be benefited from children. You will develop an interest in religious activities. You may come across many benefits. Your hard work for fulfilling your desires may help you to get the positive results.


Good benefits are waiting for businessmen. Its better not to ignore your health and take proper advice of a doctor immediately, if any problem exists, without any delay. Have a control on your speech. Try not to speak anything harsh or unpleasant otherwise it may bring defamation for you. Servicemen need to stay extra cautious.


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Feb, 06 2016 12:23 pm