Transit of Venus to Libra 2016

Venus will move to Libra in 2016. Venus has been in extreme stress.

The major aspects which are connected to Venus like love and relationship, marriage prospects, married life, standard of living and finance related matters etc will improve gradually. Let’s see below the results of transition for various zodiac signs.


Venus will move into seventh house. It will be a pleasant time to spend precious moments with your family and loved ones. There will also be improvement in happiness, influence and finances. You should also try to enjoy some precious moments with your spouse. You will also be able to satisfy several people at the same point of time.


Venus will transit into sixth house. Venus will be in stress but things will gradually improve from the current situations. Spend wisely rather than competing with your own spouse. Spend some quality time with your family.

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It is the perfect time to spend time alone keeping aloof from others and learn things in life and gather experience. Work life will improve and success is expected in your efforts. It will be a good time to shop around and make your family happy. Better plan a picnic with your near and dear ones.


You can expect considerable improvement in your professional life along with flow of income. Your finances will stabilize. Being surrounded by friends and relatives, you should plan a get together and remain happy. A long drive to a vacation spot will be a good idea. Remain close to your mother and get her blessings.


Your luck will improve and you will get fruitful results for your efforts. You can also expect support from your younger co borns and give the same in return. Plan for a short fun filled memorable travel. Things will be in your favor if you talk well.


You will be able to spend a good time with your family. Your finances will improve, so it is a good time to make fresh investments. You will be the center of attraction if you take lead in family events. Keep a record of your long term investments like PF, gratuity, insurance etc.


With a bright smile on your face, you will be able to maintain a cheerful character. Live happy moments with your spouse and feel the marital essence. Stay loyal to your partner and keep aloof from immorality. A new or fresh partnership is on cards.


Let your loved one express herself or himself. Deal with patience with your family and give importance to their viewpoints. Spend meaningfully and try to avoid unnecessary buying. Too much luxury will not prove beneficial.


With an improvement in the flow of income, there will be emergence of new sources of income. You will get mixed results according to competency at work. So it is better to behave and act like a true struggler. Stay cautious while lending money to anyone and do not take in any fresh loans.


You would be able to maintain a good balance between work and personal life. Your children will also get importance. It is the perfect time to fulfill your demands at work and so act accordingly.


Your mother will also gain importance and so try to keep her happy. There is a chance of some long distance pilgrimage on cards, so be ready for it. You can also expect gains either from or to your father. You can expect improvement in your overall luck.


There will be no gains unless you give priority to your actions. Stay aloof from immoral behavior or there will be lasting negative effects on your reputation.

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Feb, 16 2016 06:36 pm