Understanding 5 Months of Pregnancy – Child Birth Astrology

Understanding 5 Months of Pregnancy – Child Birth Astrology

Child Birth Astrology

By taking into consideration, the Ascendant, Navamsa and Saptamsa divisional charts, both fifth and ninth houses are observed for the birth of the child. But there are certain things about the timing of conceiving of a woman.

Transit of Saturn

When mars aspects the fifth house or fifth lord, a woman can conceive. But the transit of Saturn must be observed before this. Saturn is essential for the birth of a child. Transit of Jupiter and Saturn is also taken into consideration. Both fifth and ninth houses are observed for the birth of a child whereas only fifth house is analyzed for conception.

Man : Sun & Venus, Woman: Moon and Mars

Two concepts to know the time of childbirth are Beej and kshetra. In a horoscope of a male birth, the analysis of the capacity to conceive is done by the sun whereas the sperm represents Venus. In the women’s horoscope, moon and mars should be considered for conceiving a woman.

Conception of baby

For conceiving of a woman it is important for few transits to occur such as


  1. Ascendant lord transiting over fifth or seventh house


  1. Fifth lord and ninth lord transiting over ascendant.


  1. Transit of Saturn over fifth or ninth house.


  1. Transit of Jupiter over fifth house or fifth lord.

Transit of Mars

No woman can get conceived without the transit of mars over fifth house or house lord. Mars will transit between Libra and Scorpio from 20th February 2016 till July 2016. Mars will be aspecting the Capricorn, Aries, Taurus when they are in Libra and aspecting the Aquarius, Taurus and Gemini when in Scorpio.

Conception of child due to favorable Mars Transit

If a woman does not have transit relation between the transiting mars and the above-discussed signs from their fifth house or their lords, then there is zero chances of getting conceived.

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