Venus goes direct on 2016 – Astrological Effects on Each Zodiac Sign

As we all know that Venus is regarded as the planet of love. The most beautiful, attractive, and joyous things falls in the category of Venus. The planet of love will become progressive year 2016

Time to take the leap!

A particular planet after retrogression turns direct and after long periods of suffering experiences time of relaxation. So, relationships and other indulgences which were under stress will get better now. Now it is time to take proper decision regarding entering into a new relationship or changing your already existing status.

“Good days” are coming

As festive season is near, shopping plans may gear you up. Let’s see what effect it will have on each zodiac sign:-

Aries – Life is all about struggling to survive. You must be having nostalgic feelings as your past have come across you recently. But it’s time to follow your heart. Do not jump without understanding the situation.

Taurus – Your involvement in romance will be under control due to which there will be a fall in your irritation levels. As a result, arguments and quarrels will also be under control.

Gemini – There will be a u turn in your love life because of your communication skills. Your brilliance will add a new chapter in your love life.

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Cancer – You can experience a totally new version of your relationship. Your love life will become more strong and meaningful.

Leo There may be certain travels plans which were getting delayed anyhow. Now, its the perfect time to get them executed. It is also the best time to express your feelings towards love.

Virgo – Well it’s time for new friendships and associations to come along your way. Try to make the most out of it. But involvements in romantic relationships may take serious turns.

Libra – You have to face the challenges from your social circle. But overall it will be a fun time for you to enjoy life and party.

Scorpio – Well, if you have come across someone while working off late, you can try to take things farther.

Sagittarius – Cheer up. All your disagreements with your loved and cared ones are going to get resolved. Late dramatic moments will be followed by interesting events.

Capricorn – It is the best time for you to carry on love and romance. Your mystery filled personality will attract others towards you.

Aquarius Now its time to focus on the chances of misunderstandings and quarrels which are vague. It will be much easier now to resolve arguments over trivial issues.

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Feb, 16 2016 06:30 pm