Venus Transit in Leo on 5 July, 2015 till November 3, 2015


During this phase, try to find love in your life. This time is good to feel and enjoy love. You may find a true partner by the help of social media communication. Enjoy the aura of love.


This is the time to shift your focus on home renovation and décor. You may spend some money on the decorative items for your home. This will refresh you and your house. Profits are assured in work and business.


It is always good to confess your love than regretting it later. If you have any feeling for someone convey it to him/her directly. It is possible that you might get positive response. People will meet you cordially and you will enjoy great financial life. Do not let your feelings remain inside you.


Income will flow smoothly no matter if you are in job or business. If you are earning, increment is also possible. If you are not earning, you might get money as a gift. Avoid worries about finance and meet your relatives. If you are in love you will enjoy the matters of heart.


When the Venus will come in ascendant you personality will be enhanced and you will get fame. If you are looking for your love your search will come to end. Try to open up your heart and express your feelings, you will certainly find someone to fulfil your desires.


Many times person feels to go to a place far and peaceful. Venus is helpful in such things. It has other benefits as well. You can do whatever you want and enjoy the happiness. However, you might face loss sometimes and theft may take place. Try to stay alert. If you are alone and have no special person in your life, you may go for travelling alone. Control your expenses.


Venus positioned in the eleventh house and will help you make new friends, relations and enjoy happiness. However, this is not possible always try to utilize the time at its best and do not leave any stone unturned. You have to keep your social life good and healthy. You will mingle with the opposite gender easily.


It is not possible to enjoy only the good days and never expect the bad days. Your good days will come and you will enjoy good time with your colleagues and business owners. You will get reward for your good work. Do not turn egoistic with the appraisal and do not feel disheartened with the disappointments.


Ninth house is associated with the distant and foreign tours, business related to foreign and matters of import and export. People belonging to such fields will get profits. You might also get a companion from distant area who might be with you for long. Do not worry about your wealth, it will continue to grow. Love will increase beyond everything. Your respect among others will increase.


Eighth house generally gives unfavourable results. However, it has some profits too. Money which was going away might come back. Your partner may gift you something. Profit is foreseen from old policy. Hidden income is also possible. Venue posited here might increase your sexual desires and provoke you to do wrong. Try to stay away from negativity.


Venus in the seventh house is very fortunate. It will intensify your personal bonds. You will develop sensual thoughts, towards your married life partner. You will remain cheerful and happy and will be in the playful mood. Love life will bless you with mental peace. Money will be spent more but you will not get the happiness.


You will share good rapport with your colleagues. You will enjoy the fun and humor with all. Everyone will like you. You will spend money on your household and pet. Problems are foreseen in your love life. Expenses are possible on vehicle. Time is good to stay away from your enemies. Try to avoid your enemies and those who envy you.

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Jul, 07 2015 08:10 am