Venus Transit in Taurus

On April 6, 2015 Venus transited in its own zodiac. Venus is a planet of luxuries and it is also an earthy planet. Natives of Taurus zodiac are bit accumulators, stubborn and persistent. If you are going through the sub-period or sub-sub period of Venus, you will feel the effects more prominently.

Impact of Venus of all the zodiac sign is as follows –


You will remain happy. Your spouse may face health problems. Take care of the eating habits as sugar level may increase in food. You will be appreciated for the way you get dressed. Education will be normal. Your love relationship may intensify. Your married and financial situation will be good.


You will experience rise in the romantic feelings and your desires may increase. This will be a good time for the married couples. You will enjoy good time with your partner. Progress is foreseen in the field of education. Love relationship will be normal. At workplace you will experience favourable time and everything will be smooth.


Your expenses will rise especially on children. It is better to control your expenses. Money may come from several sources but at the same time it will also go from number of sources. There may be some disputes in the love relationship. Married life will be smooth. Your friends will support you. Work will be smooth and there will be progress in education. You may experience some confusion in your thoughts.


Profits will come you from every field. You will make new friends, which will be beneficial in the future. Financial profits will take place. You will experience good mood. However, there are chances of expenses on shopping. Health will improve this month.


You will perform great at the workplace. Your conduct and work will satisfy others. Enemies will be reduced. You are likely to spend money more. Your health and mind will remain good during this transit. Married life will be great and love relationship will continue the way they are right now.  You will witness progress in the education field.


Luck will be favourable and will support you. Solutions will come along with the problems. You will maintain a compatibility with colleagues at workplace. Foreign travels are also foreseen. There will be temporary disputes with senior officer or administration. Expenses may also increase. Friends will give their support


Your health may trouble you a bit. Some of your works may get unexpected accomplishments. Depression is also possible during this phase. Married life will remain good and love relationship will continue normally. Your behaviour will be nice to people. An obstacle may harm your reputation at workplace. Financial situation will stay normal.


Your mentality will be good. You will enjoy the married life and you have to spend some amount on your spouse. Your hidden desires may get fulfilled. You may go for pilgrimages or charity. Health will be good but laziness may surround you and your works may get delayed. You will remain concerned about the image in society.


During this phase a big task can be assigned to you and there are chances of promotion. You may get a thinking of changing job. Married life will be good. Love relationship will continue without any hindrance. Your social interaction will increase. Married life will be good and you will have faith in religion.


Health problem may trouble you this time. Married life will be good and peaceful. Your love relationship will provide pleasures. You will spend a lot of time with your partner. This is a favourable time to go out with your partner. Education situation will also improve.


You will make new friends at workplace. Your work will be appreciated in the workplace. Do not get carried away with emotions. Health will stay good and there are profits foreseen from family members. Married life will be good and you may achieve something good.


Education will remain normal and love relationship will improve. There are some losses from subordinates. Health may give some trouble. During this phase you will like to pretend time with your family or loved ones. Your faith towards religion will increase. Financial situation will remain normal.

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Apr, 21 2015 05:18 am