What will happen, when the Rahu and Sun mix and conjunct over Leo during the August month 2016 ?

A very peculiarly conjunction or mixture will occur over the Leo sign for a full month from 15 August to 17th of September 2016. The Rahu and the mighty Sun will get together, and this will surely affect many people’s life during the occasion. The sun and the rahu are known as one of the most important advisories, and hence this occasion is always considered unfavourable by many.

The power and the authority of the Sun:

As per the rules and the generality of the astrology branch, the sun basically means the main entity or the Father. This is why the Sun directly plays the role of your boss, the government or of any other body, entity or group that can directly affect or change your life with its decisions and changes. The current transfer or change can easily redirect to a very unpleasant surroundings thanks to the unlucky notions of the above mentioned entities. You might also have to endure issues such as legal notices, questionings or queries, random checks, surprise or unknown audits, enquiries and other proves. And, these can come without any warning. Any person, who is already involved in some legal case or issue during the period, can also endure extra tension and higher problems because of it. The Sun directly means your own father; hence the transfer or transit can create issues towards the father. The issue can in fact be in 2 ways, that is; issues to the father or also issues from the father.

The mercury movement:

It can also be noted that presently, the Mercury planet is also moving though the sign Virgo and it is also under the bad shadow of Rahu. So, technically, Rahu is providing difficulty to the Mercury and the Sun, and this can mean a person can easily have problems with his or her intelligence or presence of mind during a pressure situation. This is actually a double problem for a person thanks to the movement.

The notion is quite simple in this regard— that during the period of this mixture or conjunction, the negativity will thrive and will make and create problems. That’s why it is recommended that one must stay quite naturally orthodox and take help from elders before making a choice or decision during the time. You can also stay low during the time, as that can easily surpass the negativity of the transit in question.

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Feb, 16 2016 07:15 pm