Donation for Langar or Brahaman Bhojan

Donation for Langar or Brahaman  Bhojan  

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Donation for Langar


Brahaman  Bhojan


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Donation for Langar or Brahaman Bhojan

Donation for Langar or Brahaman  Bhojan  

Donations for Daily Darshan, Pujan, Arti, Prasad, Decoration etc

Here you can offer donations for the day to day rituals performed in the temple. There are various rituals like performing arti, hawan, pujan, Prasad, Decorations etc. which requires amount…

Donations for Navgrah Daily Puja

You can make donations for the Navgraha Daily Puja. This puja is performed at Navgrah Temple in Khargone. This temple is said to be built before 600 years and thus…

Ketu Daan Donation Items

Items for Ketu Daan Donation- Here you can donate sum for the Samigri of Ketu daan or Items for Rahu Donation like udad, blue cloth, Iron, tilli, kasa, koyala, coconut,…

Ketu Tail Oil Abhishekam

Donating for the purpose of Ketu Oil Abhishekam can help you in praising the lord Ketu. By performing Tail Abhishekam can appease the god and you can stay away from…

Rahu daan Items

Under this Rahu Daan Items you can make donation for the purpose of Samgri of Rahu Daan or donations. Items include- Tilli, Udad, Blue Cloth, Kasa, Iron, Dakshina, Oil, Naariyal(coconut)…

Rahu Tail Abhishekam

Donations made for Rahu Tail Abhishekam can help you please the Lord Rahu. Rahu as a planet shows malefic effects if placed wrongly on one’s horoscope so it is crucial…

Shani Donation Items (Shani Dan Samgri)

In this, Shani Donation Items you need to donate for the purpose of Samigri offered to Lord Shani. Shani being a planet affects a person’s life in an immense manner….