Dhanu Sagittarius Rashi Pukharaj Yellow Topaz Pendant

Lovely silver based Pukharaj yellow colored Sapphire  is a semi precious gemstone for Jupiter planet. The pendant is used to overcome the malefic effects of Jupiter planet or to improve…

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Mithun Gemini Sign Emerald Pendant in Silver Chain

  Silver Pendant with Emerald gem is very effective to nullify the malefic effect of Mercury planet. Also, the pendant strengthen the positive power of Mercury planet in native’s horoscope. the pendant…

Mithun Gemini Sign Emerald Pendant Golden Plated

  A beautiful golden plated silver pendant with semi gem Emerald are suggested to pacify the negative effect of mercury on native’s horoscope and strengthen the positive effect of Mercury on horoscope….

Mithun Gemini Rashi Emerald Pendant

  A silver pendant with precious Emerald gem is wonderful method to nullify the ill effect of Planet Mercury. This pendant gives wonderful results especially to Virgo and Gemini born people….

Singh Leo Rashi Pendant

  A beautiful Ruby Manik silver Pendant with precious gem made to pacify the negative effect of Sun on native’s horoscope. The Leo born people can wear this pendant to remove…

Singh Leo Rashi Manik Ruby Pendant Golden Plated

  Beautiful Golden plated silver Ruby Manik pendant with the precious gem greatly helps to nullify the negative effect of Sun on native’s horoscope and also helps to strengthen the positive effect of…

Singh Leo Rashi Ruby Manik Pendant

  A silver Ruby Manik Pendant with a precious gem is more effective to remove the malefic effect of Sun and then strengthen the planet on the native’s horoscope. The stone…

Vrishbh Taurus Rashi Zircon Pendant

  A beautiful silver plated Zircon pendant or American Diamon with semi precious gem is the best option to remove the malefic effect of Venus planet from native’s horoscope. The pendant…

Vrishbh Taurus Rashi Zircon Golden Plated Pendant

  A beautiful American pendant or Zircon golden plated pendant with precious gem is wonderful option to nullify the negative effect of Venus planet and strengthen the positive effects on native’s horoscope….