Ashada Gupt Navaratri Puja – For Remove your Sorrow

Ashada Gupt
Navaratri Puja  For Remove your Sorrow

Navaratri is one of the Hindu
religious festivals which are celebrated with dedication and purity. This
festival is celebrated 4 times a year and the name of 4 navratras are Ashad
Gupt Navaratri, Ashwin Navratri, Magh Navaratri and Vasantha Navratri. Among
all the mentioned 4 Navratras, the Vasantha Navratri and the Ashwin Navratri
are known to almost all the Hindu people. And other 2 navratras are called as Gupt
Navratra in which special Vedic rituals are performed and which meant for
Sadhaks. During the day of Navratras, extensive prayers offer to Goddess Durga.
Along with these, devotees take fast for 9 days.

Ashada Gupt Navratra festival is
quite popular in few parts of India. This festival is celebrated to please
Goddess Shakti and to bestow upon us all prosperity, wealth, knowledge both
secular and sacred. It is believed that Goddess Shakti alleviates all the
distress and problems. During this days a particular rituals related to Goddess
performed daily and considered to recite the Durga Saptashati.  Mantras such as
Aim hreem kleem
chaamundaayi vichche
are mostly recited by the devotees and pundits.

Sampuitit Durga
Sapth Shati Pathh-

Samput are the explicitly stated
mantras, slokas or words that usually followed with specified path at
beginning, middle and at the end of the path. It is said that the Samput makes
the mantras stronger, more marked and more intense. If the patha is done with
the samput then the path will become more valuable as compares to the original
one and brings good result.

It is important to note that
there are separate vidhis of Samput that used in all sacred scriptures. And the
Samput hold an effective significance in the path of Durga Sapashati so it is
suggested to be used all the mantra very carefully.

In order to conduct above
mentioned special Saptashati Samput puja you can take the help of the renowned
pundits of ‘Navragra Mandir’. During this period of Ashad Navratra sacred
chants of Saptashati are done which is considered as the part of Markandeva
Purana. In the book of mantra it is mentioned that how Goddess Durga provided
with weapon by our Gods Brahma, Vishu and Shiva to decimate Mahishasura and
several other demons with the proper use of Samput mantra with Shri durga
saptashati path. It is believed that those who performed Samput path will
always stay away from following problems such as Lack of welfare and wealth, obstacles
that generally arises in the business, problem related to retaining and acquiring
ancestral wealth, hurdles and problem in career, education, married life,
unsuccessful love and married life, fear, epidemics and many more.

on the Puja’s which you want to do during then Ashad Gupt Navaratri –

Durga Sapth Shathi Samputit Pathh– Rs 3500 , $78

Durga Sapth Shati Samputit Pathh Anushthan
for whole 9 days
Rs. 15000, $330

Durga Puja – Rs. 2500 , $56

Kali Puja– Rs. 2500 , $56

MahaKali Puja– Rs. 2500 , $56

Chandi Puja– Rs. 2500 , $56

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