Shani- Rahu- Ketu- Chandra Vish Yog Dosh Effects and Remedies

Shani- Rahu- Ketu- Chandra Vish Yog Dosh Effects and Remedies

Visha Yoga Poison Combination

When moon is in conjunction with Saturn or Rahu with Saturn in any house in the horoscope of an individual, then in that case it is known as permanent visha yoga dosha in the kundli of that individual.


Negative effects due to visha yoga

There are lots of problems and undesirable effects that an individual faces because of Visha yoga dosha. Some of negative effects of Visha yoga dosha are discussed below:


Vish yoga effects on mind and body

The Visha yoga dosha leads to loss of confidence and memory, unnecessary stress and strain, emotional immaturity, insensitivity and irresponsibility. It also causes personality disorders, loss in leadership quality and wandering thinking power. An individual also imposes self destructive nature in themselves thereby having suicidal tendencies. An individual also suffer from diseases related to breathing problems, chest, lungs, mental depression during this period. A feeling that something is preventing you from attaining your goals may also accompany. The individual may suffer from regular and recurring psychological problems & loss of confidence because of unknown causes which may further lead to acute frustration.

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Vish yoga effects on education

Vish dosha acts as an obstacle in learning for higher studies thereby leading to failure in exams, sudden change in education streams.


Vish yoga effects on career and profession

The individual will get no fruitful results even after lot of hard work along with obstacles in promotion, destruction of career, betrayal by co-workers. They have a tendency to change their job frequently.

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Visha yoga effects on marriage and love life

Unavoidable quarrels among couple and children with destructive effect, failure in love affair and betrayal by partner.


Visha yoga effects on business and income

There will be more expenditure than income financially. The individual may face unnecessary financial problems. There may be lack of b financial prosperity and stability.

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Visha yoga dosha effects on mother

Mother may suffer from bad health. The individual may feel unloved and unprotected by the mother, thereby creating a tension between the two.


Remedy for visha yoga dosha

Vish yoga is a serious problem in the horoscope of the individual and should be solved at the earliest by performing vish yoga remedial puja.


Vish yoga shanti Vedic Puja

It is believed that Visha yog shanti puja helps in preventing negative impacts of visha yoga and promote wellness. To reduce the malefic effects of saturn and moon and enhance the benefits of the shani and chandra graha caused by visha dosha, we conduct visha yoga dosha nivaran Vedic puja.


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