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Lord Krishna puja is very important for hindus. According to hindu mythology, Lord Krishna puja is considered as one of the most important puja of Hindus in India. Shri Krishna…

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Lord Krishna puja is very important for hindus.

According to hindu mythology, Lord Krishna puja is considered as one of the most important puja of Hindus in India. Shri Krishna is the Incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord shree Krishna puja is most important that a person can do is to read contemplate and bhagavad gita. A puja that is dedicated to lord Krishna helps in keeping the mind in concentrating and calm. In India, most of the people perform shree Krishna puja during janmashtami or gokulashtami. Lord Krishna puja helps the persons to live life peacefully.

Lord krishan puja helps the person to choose the right path with right decision in very difficult situations. Shree Krishna helps to maintain positive energy. This puja is helps to enhance attraction in the personality. Shree Krishna puja is also improving the skills and arts in persons. It plays a very important role for attaining victory.

Some basic steps to perform puja dedicated to lord Krishna-

  • Meditate for a few time to clear the mind of unwanted thoughts.
  • Meditate or pray to lord Krishna
  • Some a quiet and calm place for puja.
  • Place a picture of lord Krishna
  • Read some prayers or shlokas for few minutes dedicated to lord Krishna.
  • When complete the shree Krishna puja distribute fruits as a ‘Prasad‘with others.

You can also read other spiritual books like srimad bhagavad gita and uddhava gita. Astrologer give to right direction for how to perform this puja. So, if you are searching for the best astrologer in India then your search ends here. Navgrah Mandir is the place where you find best astrologer who will provide most important information about this puja. For more details you can visit our official website-





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