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Rudraksha Moti Pearl Bracelet

The Rudraaksh Pearl Pendant Bracelet is a 5 Mukhi Bracelet with pearls and are laced together  in a elastic string .The pearls in the Bracelet are considered to keep you…

Rudraksha Munga Bracelet

Rudraksha Munga Bracelet 

Rudraksha Munga Bracelet (Silver)

  Rudraksha Munga Bracelet (Silver)   

Rudraksha Sphatik (Crystal) Bracelet

Rudraaksh Sphatik  Cyrstal Bracelet is  one for those who want to keep themselves cool. It is also  helpful to those who do intellectual jobs and perform spiritual activities.

Sphatik Bracelet

Sphatik Bracelets are worn for energy, bravery,defense, vigour. It consist of pure crystal beads. The beads are laced with silver or gold hooks with proper spacing between them.

Tulsi Bracelet

This Tulsi Bracelet blends well with you when you practice yoga .Sacred Basil is known as Tulsi. This bracelet helps in balancing Kapha and Vata Dosha.

Tulsi Bracelet (Silver)

  Tulsi Bracelet Combined with Silver and removes your Kapha and Vata Dosh. This bracelet should be worn if you practice Yoga and Yogi to match the various moods.  

Navratna bracelet

The navratna Bracelet with 9 Semi precious gems is valuable for those who want good luck and good health.  Every gem has different aspect and represents a different planet it…

Rudraksha Bracelet

Rudraaksh Bracelet consists of 5 Mukhi Rudraaksh Beads tie in a elastic string. This Bracelet is precious for curing health Diseases and controls the blood pressure.

Rudraksha Bracelet (Silver)

This Rudraaksh Bracelet with 5Mukhi Rudraaksh beads in a silver string should be worn to control blood pressure and to stay away from diseases.

Rudraksha Bracelet with Gold Cap

  The Rudraaksh Bracelet  with Rudraaksh beads  and Golden cap is very useful and effective for heart and blood pressure problems.  

Rudraksha Bracelet with Silver Cap

Rudraksh Bracelet with a silver cap consists of 5 mukhi rudraaksh beads  put together with  a elastic string and is useful to keep you away from diseases.

Nav Ratan Bracelet

Nav Ratan Bracelet is a Bracelet with 9 Gems. The 9 Gems are Ruby, Topaz, Coral, Pearl, Emeald, Cat’s eye, Sphatik, Gomed, Blue Sapphire

Magnet Bracelet

The Magnet Bracelet is helpful for any type of pain in hand, wrist arm, Shoulder and elbow. It is made of Stainless steel. This Bracelet will not blemish.

Moti Pearl Bracelet

The Pearl Bracelet is being worn for mental peace and pacifying passion. It strengthens heart even. And brings soft, remedial energy during meditation..

Navratan Bracelet Silver

The Navratna Bracelet in Silver is a bracelet with 9 Gems studded in it. The nine Gems are Red Coral, Ruby, Pearl, Emerald, and Yellow Sapphire, Diamond, Blue Saphire, Hessonite…