How to do Shree Hanuman Puja

The puja and
homa of Lord Hanuman accommodates in beating the situations going in the way of
victory. It fills the worshiper with colossal force and expectancy and he is
fit to perform the private and social deeds without lifting a finger. It
additionally prepare for the hostile stare throwing.

Benefits of Shree Hanuman

The puja of Lord
Hanuman helps the worshiper to achieve information, ability, and knowledge.
This puja gives fearlessness, cures all sickness, and unwinds the worshippers
from the sum of his situations of essence.

Puja needs a
hanuman murti and hanuman yantra. Place the two on red fabric on a chowki. Put
kumkum on murti and yantra too, then on your brow. Light the agarbatti {incense
stick} and diya {prefer oil til or sarso}. Take some water in your grasp, think
about your wish, and appeal to God for its satisfaction.

Throughout the
puja, it is indispensible you should have untaintedness of considerations and
trust in god. Keep water close to the spot of puja. Offer rice red blossom
supari and gur before yantra. Offer chana and gur as Prasad to ruler hanuman.
After this, charm the emulating mantra no less than five malas:




Vatjatam namami.

Hanuman mantra:

marut tulyavegam

buddhimatam varishtham


dutam sharnam prapadye

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