Oil Abhishekam on Shani Amavasya & Shani Jayanti

Importance of Oil Abhishekam on Shani Amavasya

Shani Amavasya in the year 2017 will fall on 24 June 2017 Saturday and Shani Jayanti is on 25 May 2017 Thursday. When Amavasya or new moon day falls on Saturday it is regarded as Shani Amavasya. It is considered to be an auspicious day for Hindu devotees. It is considered auspicious especially to perform ‘shradh’ or ‘trapan’ to the dead ancestors. On this day, Hindu devotees worship Shani Dev for showering his blessings of fortune and prosperity.

On the day of Shani Amavasya, people visit Shani temple and offer Shani dev mustard oil, flowers, blessed food and black sesame seeds with black Urad Daal. It is believed that doing these rituals, one can easily appease Lord Shani and get his immense blessings. With the blessings of Shani Dev, your troubles will disappear and you become free from evil and enormous peace as well as happiness comes to your door step by the grace of this deity.

People with Sade Sati Shani or Adhaiya Shani or Shani Dosh are strongly recommended to worship Lord Shani with full devotion and complete methods. It helps in reducing bad influence or evil results of the planetary period of Saturn from their life. If you cannot worship Lord Shani with full systematic approach, at least offer mustard oil to Shani Dev on this Shani Amavasya. As doing oil abhishekam has great significance.

Significance of Shani Amavasya

This day is dedicated to perform rituals and activities for pitra or dead ancestors. You can observe fast for them as it will provide peace to their soul. Full moon day or Amavasya is considered inauspicious but if it falls on Saturday it gives special importance and makes the day very blessed and fortunate. People with Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac signs must worship to lord Shani as Shani is the ruler planet of these two zodiacs.

Many devotees also perform oil abhishek and Shani Shanti Yagya on Shani Amavasya as doing that they can meet fortunate events in life. Hindus also regard Shani Dev as Sanaischarya, Chaya Putra and Shanishwara.

Rituals and Customs on Shani Amavasya

Shani Thail Abhishekam and Shani Shanti Yagya are the two important rituals on this day. Those who are suffering from Pitra Dosh, Kaala Sarpa Dosh perform remedial pujas for Lord Shani.

Shani Thail Abhishekam is the prominent puja observed by many devotees during this day. During this oil abhishekam, people offer piece of black cloth, black sesame seeds, oil and fruits to Lord Shani. Chanting and reciting Lord Shani stotras, slokas, mantras benefit devotees to reduce bad effects of Lord Shani.

Best way to get rid of malevolent effects of Lord Shani is praying to Lord Hanuman. As according to legend, Lord Shani promised Lord Hanuman those devotees who worship Hanuman, will not be affected from Shani malevolent looks.

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