Transit of Mars in Leo from 15th September to 3rd November, 2015 and its effects on your zodiac sign

Leo is the fiery sign of sun. Mars is moving in Leo on 15th of September and will stay there till 3rd November, 2015. This transit will have various impacts on your zodiac sign. You must be curious enough to know about the effect of this transit on your zodiac sign. Read the predictions of our expert astrologers below.

Mars is a cruel planet itself and its cruelty will increase with its transit in Leo, the fiery sign of Sun. There will be an increase in sexual desires and ego among people due to which they can even try to achieve through immoral ways. A crave for outings and entertainment will come among people. If you are going through this transit, you are surely going to feel its effects minutely. Now let’s see the effects of the transit on your zodiac sign:-

Aries : The transit of Mars in Leo will give you energy which will exceed your capability. If you are not born in the constellation of Venus, then you are a hot-blooded person. This energy level will also spread its effects on your children, other activities and entertainment. You may also have to come across losses because of your children. But this energy will also become a reason of all the problem in your love relationship. You will spend a lot of money on luxuries and comforts. You may also buy some new things. Some complications regarding your health may arise.

Taurus : Mars will control your tenth, seventh and eleventh house. Several minor disputes can arise among your family members. But this transit of Mars in Leo will bring some favourable moments for you. It will provide you several chances of moving on in life and prove yourself at your workplace. Your performance will also be much better than others. You will experience a pleasant environment in your personal life. Great chances of earning profit will come across your way. Take control over your spendings and also check your blood pressure and heart. Try to avoid any type of unnecessary stress.

Gemini : You will be appreciated for your communication skills at your workplace. You will possess excess energy. You may become an inspiration for others. You may leave behind people who are jealous of you with your speech. You will also be appreciated by people for humor. But one thing should always be kept in mind that you should not hurt anyone with your words, otherwise your image may get down. Your luck will be in your support and so situations and business will be under your control.

Cancer : You will receive financial benefits after putting lot of efforts. Your personal life will also remain good. You will relish your love relationships. If you are a businessmen or a property dealer you will gain great profits. You will get distracted by your luck, but not much. But you need to remain cautious while driving. You will get the help of your friends, so try to make the most out of it. You may also buy some new things.

Leo : This transit will surely give fruitful results. But it will have a bad effect on your married life. In order to reduce the bad effects, you need to have a control over yourself. The best solution for the problems in your married life is to sacrifice your anger. You might be a bit disturbed due to headaches, eye irritation and pain. You may also suffer from frequent fevers. Try to maintain a healthy life by eating a balanced diet, avoiding alcohol and other addictions.

Virgo : Mars is the lord of the eighth house for you. You may get the help of a female friend for completing a pending task. Maintain your married life in as simple way as possible. Try to avoid any unnecessary arguments. You should be very careful while driving. Always remember that it is better to be late than never. Disputes may occur with your brothers. Maintain a good relation with your neighbours.

Libra : You will get a lot of support from your friends. There may be an increase in closeness with a friend of opposite sex, due to which you may also enjoy pleasurable moments in bed. You will receive financial benefits and most of your works will also get completed. This transit will prove much beneficial for you. There are chances of your getting into a secret act against someone. Your health will be affected a bit, but there is nothing much to worry about. Its effect will not remain for much longer time. You may face much problems from your children, so try to remain alert. But overall the time is favourable for you and therefore try to make the most out of it.

Scorpio : Being the lord of the sixth house, the transit is highly favourable for your job. As Mars is also controlling the fourth and fifth house, in that case you will also get the desired success. People who are associated with business of heavy machinery, big contracts and property will gain huge benefits. You may suffer from some mental tension as you may face some disturbance in your personal life. There are chances of arguments at your workplace.

Sagittarius : Mars will give the results of the fifth house and so this transit is very much favourable for you. This transit will provide you extreme mental peace. There will be a sweet relation between you and your friends and you will also receive help from your friends.You need to take a step forward in order to complete a major deal. This work cannot be completed without your efforts. It can be only concluded with your effort.

Capricorn : In this house, Mars does not yield much fruitful results. But by being the lord of the eleventh house, its transit in your eighth house will surely prove beneficial. You may also earn profit from your old friends whom you have not met for a long time. You may forget about any police or anything else, so go through all the old documents carefully. Take proper care of your health. Always drive carefully. This is not a favourable time to deal with legal matters which are related to property.

Aquarius : Mars is not regarded as rewarding in the seventh house either from its birth or during transit. So, you may come across various problems in married life or with your business partner. It is totally dependant upon you as to how you will handle this transit. You may face losses if you are not aware. Your working condition will remain good. so you need not worry about it.

Pisces : This is a threatening indication for those who don’t like you. Even after trying hard, they will not be able to harm you anyhow. With an improvement in your appetite, you will start having a craze for tasty and spicy food. There will also be an increase in the quantity of food you are eating now. Your anger will also increase to an extent, but you will get support from your destiny. So enjoy the favours of this transit.

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