Venus Transit in Aries 12 March 2015


Venus the lord of second and seventh house will transit in your ascendant. Aries share a close relation with Venus. With the Venus transit in your ascendant you will witness change in your thoughts and behaviour. This period will bring reduction in anger. You will be happy and refuse to take a major task this time. Some loss in money may occur due to dominance in work. It would be good to control expenses. You will feel attracted toward someone from opposite sex.


On one hand you will have to do extra work due to Venus transit in the last house. However, apart from it your long awaited work will be accomplished. Venus feels happy in this house and the happiness doesn’t mean it will give you beneficial results. You have to invest more energy in the work. The results will get delayed and you will feel irritated. Take care of health and control your expenses.


Lord of fifth hour and twelfth house will transit in your eleventh house. You will get time for new relationship. Your interest will generate in fun and entertainment activities. You will get pleasure in outing. Health will be good but it is good to be cautious as mild fever is possible. Happiness will come from children. You will face some hurdles in work.


You will do well at workplace. Businessperson will gain good results. There will be prosperous atmosphere at home and you will be satisfied with the personal life. You will be appreciated by seniors. You may think about changing your job. Expenses may occur on leisure products. You will spend good time with friends. There are chances of family outings and you will spend time with family. Health will be good.


Your inclination will rise towards spirituality and you may visit pilgrimages. Your skills will be improved and you may go for new testaments. At workplace the environment will be positive. If will be good to avoid being lazy and adapt diligent nature. Luck will support you and all your hurdles will be vanished. Some people might backstab you but it will not impact your progress.


Venus transit will be in your eighth house. This transit indicates that you will have inclination towards spirituality. You may have to face some downfall in social respect and you may get wrongly accused of allegations. There are strong chances of financial losses. It is important to take care of your diet. Some loss may also come from female natives. Luck will not support you and it is important to control your speech.


This time is good for both the married and unmarried individual. Venus is transiting from the seventh house. You will feel happy and will forget about all the mishap happened in joy and fun. Your interest in music will increase. Married couples will enjoy great time. You need to be careful about your health. You have to keep in mind your limits. Problems may arise in your hidden relationship.


During this time your health will not be in your favour. There will be dissatisfaction in the personal life. You will have unnecessary disputes with life partner. You will take less interest in domestic activities and at workplace too you will not feel good. Your enemies will be strong and try to demoralise you. You will be deprived of sleep. There will be unnecessary expenses.


Your love intensity will decrease. It is possible that your love mate may leave you. You will make new friends. You will try your luck at stock market, however excess of it will trouble you financially. Enemies will become powerful and they can trouble you mentally. You will be more interested in music. Any of your work may stop suddenly.


Due to Venus transit in the fourth house the aspect will be on the tenth house. This indicates that conditions at workplace will be great. You will get progress in job and in business. Meeting your partner may postpone for some time. Health problem to children are possible. You will make friends at workplace. You may feel lazy this time, try to avoid it.


There will be continuous change of opinion in your mind. You need to adopt a serious approach. Luck will support you and your long awaited tasks will be completed. There are chances of long distance journeys. Your written and verbal communication will improve. There will be new creative thoughts in your mind. Your sixth sense will be strong and you will gain benefits from friends.


There will be financial profits from the siblings. Your business partner may try to hide his assets from you. Personal life will be smooth. Any wound is possible, so take care. You may get some hidden profit and any old policy will benefit you. You may buy new products.

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Mar, 08 2015 10:50 am